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Posted on 2013-Sep-18

by BB eBooks Staff

Personal Revelation


There are so many advantages in my daily assignment I shall be thankful for. Apart from nurturing the relationship with indie authors around the globe on social media, email, and website, I am naturally obligated to learn from their intricate thinking processes and witness their unstoppable growth over the course of blooming digital publication. It is indeed a wonderful time to see the rise of indie authors not only triumph the bestselling charts, but it is also a valued opportunity to see how they share information in order to craft an open market for creative individuals to express their story and identity uniquely. The more I read about them, the more I am inspired by daily success stories mushroomed to validate the golden opportunity in writing and marketing.

Innate Geekdom


Inspired by innate geekdom, I felt fortunate to expose myself to the eReading technology that has revolutionized the way books are read. Although I do not consider myself as a self-professed voracious reader, reading intrinsically fascinates me from the moment I wake up and it has become a huge resource pool to collect information for personal development and career advancement. Formerly, while readers were mostly attached to reading news digitally on their nearly unmovable CRT monitor, the eReader simply breaks the barrier of grounding them in favor of reading. Lightweight portability and low battery consumption among several other features simply make reading totally effortless. Discovering new books has never become so easy swiping finger movement to navigate the store and press “Buy” button.

Non-Reflective Haven

The eReaders have come a long way from their predecessors to be less clunky and complex. Taking learned lessons to imitate the actual reading pleasure from reading a physical book. Non-reflective devices can bring the best out of digital content without irritation from unnecessary glare. Kindle eReader sets a perfect example late last year after the introduction of their sought-after Paperwhite model. Its front-lit, matte screen guarantees optimal reading experience no matter where and when you leaf through the pages. This year, the newer upgrade promises faster response, crisper screen, and smarter social reading integration. Without a doubt, the device will generate more hits for eReading especially when the eBook prices are kept within consumer’s reach.

Glossy Intelligence


While the school of non-reflective eReading device lovers like myself can continue to proclaim love of the devices, the camp who prefer a legion of hybrid devices have their reasons to celebrate technological advances by leaps and bounds. The multitasking smartphones, tablets, wearable gadgets are known for their desirable features. Each device has its own strength and weakness when it comes to daily use; however, the next-gen production shows how the future of reading can be really exciting. While most tablets aim for stunning tech enthusiasts, Amazon’s customized user interface knows it well to optimize their eReading experience. The rumored updated version of Kindle Fire HD will come equipped with the latest specification both in terms of hardware and software. With raw horsepower to gallop further, you will be able to read and have lots more reason to get hooked on the device.

Futuristic Accessory

While tablets may be seen like an ideal choice for reading, it is unavoidable that the lighter weight of smartphone makes it a dark horse for the competition to be carried around in reality. To free yourself from so many different devices in your limited compartment, you can always rely on the eReading apps to resume your unfinished chapter. With the huge improvement of pixel density, battery, and screen size, it is more likely that you can survive life enjoying literature on-the-go. Nevertheless, if battery drain concerns you particularly, this futuristic flip plus E-ink cover from Alcatel will take your breath away. Watch the video and see for yourself how reading on smartphone is not necessarily wasting a lot of energy any longer.

Bendable Display

Somehow, no matter how futuristic the hardware components are made and equipped, flexible form factors can be the new norm to transcending to another level of competition. In this preliminary stage of smart watch development, several manufacturers are now promoting their gadgets to showcase how they can work well with smartphones except Apple that remains tight-lipped about the release. Who knew the tiny screen could display basic functionality that big screen devices are not comfortable to be held in one hand? Despite the low resolution and small screen size that may not be able to replace the big screen anytime soon, the appearance of flexible display can take the center stage once it is officially released for mass market.

Top-Quality Story


Thanks to the constant development in technology, innovation brings consumers one step closer to smart life perfection. Content and eReading devices are seamlessly offered in a more practical and affordable solution. For authors, not only the evolutionary progress has eased authors to conveniently and instantly distribute their content perfectly digitally, readers on the receiving end can have powerful tools at their disposal to digest the content in its best form. Now it is up to the author to cook up the kind of story that resonates with readers and convinces them to buy their electronic masterpieces.

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