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BB eBooks Newsletter – October 2, 2014

Dear Friend,

Hope everyone is doing well! Thailand is apparently cracking down on tech workers without proper documentation. Fortunately, BB eBooks is on the up and up, so we hopefully will not be sending out the newsletter from jail anytime soon. Let’s talk about some things that may be of importance to you in your writing.

The Trouble with Customer Service

Last month, a well-known author had a total public meltdown and slammed one of her fans who asked a simple question. Customer service can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you are a one-woman business in your publishing endeavors. We try to provide a few simple tips on how to best deal with fans, including the problematic ones.

KDP Select Offers More Money for “All-Star” Authors

Despite being in the doldrums for the last two years, Amazon KDP Select is experiencing a resurge in interest. Amazon is now offering up to $25K per month for the top 10 authors who are enrolled in the program, as well as other financial rewards for “All-Star” authors. The new initiative was quietly rolled out last month, and provides a new financial incentive to go exclusive with Amazon. We’re confident that some of you could hit those top spots. If you do, don’t forget to tip your formatter around the holidays!

Help Prevent Piracy

eBook piracy has always been a problem, but it seems to have gotten worse in 2014—unfortunately. Torrents, sleazy websites operating in unknown locations, and Facebook groups dedicated to eBook piracy are prolific and difficult to combat. Learn about how to be careful with your eBook files to help prevent piracy prior to your book launch.

On Entrepreneurship

Through some scheduling glitch, Paul was invited to speak to a group of young entrepreneurs in Bangkok. Here are 16 tips that might be useful to your publishing pursuits; although, please take with a grain of salt. Authors could benefit tremendously from focusing on both the creative and business side of things, instead of just the purely creative. Joanna Penn has a new book that examines being an author entrepreneur in extensive detail.

Other Items of Interest

Financially-troubled publisher, Ellora’s Cave, has filed a defamation suit against the popular blog Dear Author and one of its writers.

Carolyn Jewel offers some wisdom on how to get your rights back from a publisher who is going down the tubes (like Ellora’s Cave).

A big congrats to Kennedy Layne for becoming a USA Today best-selling author yesterday. Drop her a nice note on her Facebook page!

Yours sincerely,

The BB eBooks Team

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