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BB eBooks is committed to providing professional eBook design services for all clients whether you are a large publishing house, an independent press, or a self-publishing author. All eBooks designed by BB eBooks are ready for immediate sale by you, the content creator, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and all other major eBook platforms.

We pride ourselves on the following:

There is only a one-time fee for turning your manuscript into an eBook. Don’t miss out on reaching the worldwide eBook market. Contact us for a quote today and please visit our portfolio of satisfied customers and our sample eBooks. Also, please have a look at Substance B, a marketing platform exclusively for the clients of BB eBooks.

BB eBooks - Who We Are


BB eBooks provides design and technical services for clients looking to sell content to be read on computer, tablets, smartphones, and dedicated eReading devices such as the Kindle. Our services ensure that your eBook will look professional and make great sales on, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, and all of the other major e-tailers. The services provided by BB eBooks are a one-time fee for all clients, and we do not make any claim to your intellectual property or demand any royalties—we are technical service providers for content creators and not publishers. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood plumber.

The major eBook formats we design for our valued customers include MOBI/KF8 and EPUB, which can be uploaded for immediate sale at all major markets including the Kindle store, Barnes & Noble Nook store, Kobo, Smashwords, and iBooks. On request and with a small surcharge, we can also make PDFs with simple layouts for advance review copies and Print-On-Demand vendors such as CreateSpace. Since every eBook is unique, BB eBooks does not utilize automated conversion programs such as Calibre. Every eBook is different, so they must be built from the ground up with an attention to detail that will ensure your book looks great. Please have a look at some of our clients’ eBooks, as well as the classics, at the Substance B Reader to get an idea of our design standards (available for download and online viewing).

BB eBooks is based in Bangkok, Thailand. Although, the Managing Director (Paul Salvette) is an American with numerous self-published titles. He understands the challenges faced by self-publishers and small presses. He also knows that being an author means getting kicked in the face, whether by poor reviews, unanswered agent queries, or other frustrations. Contact us or get a quote for your eBook and let BB eBooks treat you, the content creator, with the respect you deserve. We are committed to helping our valued clients get their eBook looking professional with a very fast turnaround time (typically 1-3 business days).

Why You Should Publish an eBook

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There is literally no good reason to ignore selling your work as an eBook. Did you know that approximately 20% of adults in the USA own a tablet and eReader? None of the reputable eBook distributors charge a fee to sell your eBook on their site. The royalties for eBook sales are generally around 70%, but this varies depending on your location and sales price. The worldwide market for tablets and e-readers is rapidly expanding, and more and more people want to read in digital. So what are you waiting for?

For publishers and small presses, the benefits of eBook sales include:

  • No printing and warehousing costs
  • No transport costs
  • Access to expanding and underserved markets where shipping physical books is too expensive
  • Immediate global exposure distribution of your product
  • No more dealing with incompetent print shops and sloppy Print-On-Demand operations

Are you an author? If so, you may want to consider the self-publishing route. This a big decision to make, and you should definitely study up on the pros and cons (Dean Wesley Smith, Lindsay Buroker, and David Gaughran have excellent material to guide you). At BB eBooks, we work extensively with independent authors to get their eBook looking professional. Due to the alarming number of vanity publishers that disrespect authors, we want to ensure you that at BB eBooks we will only charge you a one-time design fee for your eBook. We are also happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to contact us at any time.

For authors, the benefits of turning your manuscript into an eBook include:

  • Higher royalties than going through an agent/publisher
  • Complete creative control over your content
  • Ability to immediately track sales
  • No more waiting for responses on query letters

Get your eBook in the hands of readers now. Submit us your manuscript for a no-obligation quote and learn more about publishing in the digital age.

Why You Need an eBook Designer

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The world of eBooks is in a sorry state. Despite being at the dawn of a new era of publishing, eBook design is at best boring and at worst mangled, poorly-formatted replicas of the print versions. This is inexcusable. The most difficult of writing a book is, no surprise, the actual writing. Editing and marketing your eBook are close runners-up, while cover design requires artistic talent that many people do not possess. The actual design of the eBook is not as time-consuming as these aforementioned activities; however, it requires technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, and XML, along with a sharp eye for typography, layout, and aesthetics. Unfortunately, many authors and small presses do not possess these skills and choose to use an automated conversion program—big mistake. These programs are well-intentioned but they improperly position images, obliterate page breaks, and occasionally mangle the actual content of the eBook. See the FAQ for more details on why converting your manuscript automatically from a fixed-layout format to a reflowable format is a bad idea.

Furthermore, the major distributors of eBooks (e.g. Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.) are in a heated competition to dominate the marketplace. This means differing standards, proprietary formats that must be dealt with separately, and a host of other headaches for the eBook designer. Many authors and small presses do not have the time or patience to deal with the maddening and increasingly-complex rules for eBook design. Contact BB eBooks today for a no-obligation quote, and you can outsource this frustration to us for as little as $50 an eBook.

Helping You Market Your Books with Substance B

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BB eBooks also maintains the Substance B marketing platform for our clients. It offers an opportunity to have all your books listed with links to all major vendors in one place. Additionally, it allows online sampling of eBooks in the web browser and ways to collect email addresses and messages from your page. Most unique is the ability to autograph your own eBooks, embed images and a personalized message, and email them to fans—all from a web-based interface. This platform is for clients only as a way to complement our existing services. Please discover more about Substance B at the FAQ for authors.


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