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The BB eBooks Quote system has been established to ensure that we produce your eBook exactly how you want it. However, if you feel it is too cumbersome, please feel free to send us your manuscript directly at BB eBooks Sales email for a no-obligation quote. Large files can be sent via Dropbox to BB eBooks Info email. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Notes on Your Working Document

Thank you for your interest in BB eBooks. Please note the following information regarding submitting your manuscript for eBook design:

  • Don’t worry about writing out the Table of Contents—we will do that for you
  • Please send your cover image in as high-quality as possible (1600x2500px is recommended)
  • Preferred formats for you working document are .docx, .doc, .rtf, .odt, or .txt. Adobe InDesign and Quark Express files are okay too, but please be sure to embed fonts so that we can extract the content. Please note that we do not use InDesign in our workflow due to the poor HTML conversion process. PDF is the least preferred and carries a surcharge due to anomalies when converting it into an eBook.
  • Images can be embedded in the document or sent to us separately

Please note that there is no obligation when you submit your manuscript for a quote.

Help on Submitting Your Manuscript for a Quote

Please feel free to click on the little question mark that looks like this “Question Mark” next to each of the fields. Some fields are required, but some are not. If you’re having trouble, please contact us and our sales team will respond right away.

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Client Information

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Required eBook Information

eBook Length and Type (Required):

This is the approximate number of words of your manuscript. It is similar to the SFWA convention for word counts. Non-fiction is more expensive than fiction due to its complexities in the design process (lists, tables, footnotes, etc.) However, if your non-fiction work is something like a memoir that is similar in design to a novel, we may be able to adjust the quote to be on par with a work of fiction.

Design Package (Required):

The EPUB eBook can be used at Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and just about everywhere else except Amazon. The Kindle store uses the MOBI/KF8 format. Please see the Services page for more details.

Your Current Manuscript Format (Required):

This is the format that your manuscript is currently in prior to eBook creation. PDF as a working document costs extra because conversion into plain text often gets garbled. This requires minor copyediting to correct all the mistakes.

Extra eBook Information

Images (Optional):

Image as displayed on an e-ink Kindle
Sample Image on an e-ink Kindle

To send us your images, simply embed them in your working document or you can upload them separately. Cover images should be as high-res as possible. Also, we will resize your images to optimize them for the eBook package to reduce the size and delivery costs from the eBook vendors.

Footnotes (Optional):

Footnotes in Adobe Digital Editions
Sample Footnote Section in an eBook

Typically, footnotes are placed at the end of the eBook in a separate section. Due to the way that eBooks are rendered, it is not possible to put them at the bottom of the page at this time, unfortunately. All footnotes are cross-linked, so the reader can click on the footnote in the body of the eBook and go to that description of the footnote in the footnote section, and vice versa.

Tables (Optional):

Footnotes in Adobe Digital Editions
Sample Tables on the Kindle Fire and Kindle

Tables require special attention for our design team. Large tables do not render well on the smaller eReading devices. Also, it is sometimes easier just to embed an image of the table in the eBook. Please let us know how you would like to process your tables in the Special Instructions below.

Index (Optional):

Indexes are very difficult and labor-intensive to manage, which is why they are so expensive. It requires creating links from the index to numerous points throughout the eBook. We are able to do this, and we can also build an index based on keywords you want to use. Many publishers leave the index out of the eBook version, since the reader can use the search function in the eReading device to find what they are looking for. If you would like us to include an index, please provide instructions in the Special Instructions field below.

Required Metadata

eBook Title (Required):

This is the name of the eBook’s title that gets embedded in the eBook. Many eReading devices make this title appear on the top of every page. In general, you have to re-enter this information when you upload it to the eBook distributors. If you would like the eBook's metadata to be catalogued under a different word than the first one (e.g. “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The” rather than “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”), please let us know.

Author’s Name (Required):

This is the name of the author that gets embedded in the eBook. In general, you have to re-enter this information when you upload it to the eBook distributors. Using a pen name is okay. If you would like the last name to appear first in the metadata, you can write something like “Fink, Barton’. Also, please indicate if there is more than one author and who the main author is.

Publisher (Use Author Name if Self-Published) (Required):

This is the name of the publisher or, alternatively, the author’s name if you are self-publishing. This is required metadata for all eBook distributors.

Optional Metadata

ISBN - EPUB (please enter the 13-digit number with no hyphens) (Optional):

You do not need an ISBN if you are publishing at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, or Smashwords. They assign an ISBN or a substitute for you. If you want to use an ISBN, we are happy to use this as your unique identifier. For reasons known only to the Gods, you need to have a separate ISBNs for the EPUB and MOBI/KF8 formats. If you choose not to hand over your hard-earned money to Bowker (the company that controls the ISBN system), we generate a random unique identifier for you (at no cost, of course).

ISBN - MOBI/KF8 (please enter 13-digit format with no hyphens) (Optional):

You do not need an ISBN if you are publishing at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, or Smashwords. They assign an ISBN or a substitute for you. If you want to use an ISBN, we are happy to use this as your unique identifier. For reasons known only to the Gods, you need to have a separate ISBNs for the EPUB and MOBI/KF8 formats. If you choose not to hand over your hard-earned money to Bowker (the company that controls the ISBN system), we generate a random unique identifier for you (at no cost, of course).

Keywords (please separate with commas) (Optional):

These keywords are embedded in the metadata of the eBook file. Some eReading devices (like iBooks) lists the keywords in the reader’s library. Typically, 7 keywords is a good value to choose. An example for a steamy romance set in the tropics would be “Romance, Exotic, Lovers, Chick Lit, Cross-Culture Romance, Vacation, Tropical”. Please note that the keywords you enter at the eBook distributor's site is used for their search engine algorithms, not what is embedded in the metadata. Keyword selection in the metadata is not as crucial as it is at the eBook distributors’ websites.

Backjacket (Optional):

This is the backjacket description that appears on the back of paperbacks or the inside sleeve of hard covers. It is embedded as metadata within the eBook package. While no vendors that we know of use this information right now, hopefully they will one day.

Other Metadata (Optional):

If you have some specialized metadata, such as the name of the illustrator or photographer, please let us know, and we will be happy to embed it for you. A full list of the different types of metata is here at the IDPF site.

Design Instructions

Block or First-Line Indent Paragraph? (Optional)

Block and First-Line Indent Example
Example of Block vs. First-Line Indent

Block paragraphs are standard for technical non-fiction, and they involve a space equal to about one line of text between each paragraph. First-line indent paragraphs are standard for fiction and narrative non-fiction, and they involve a small indent at the beginning of each paragraph. However, there is no space in between paragraphs. Please consult our blog for more details on block and first-line indent paragraph styling.

HTML Table of Contents Location? (Optional)

If you would like an HTML Table of Contents, it is recommended you put it at the beginning of the eBook. This is because it will appear when your potential readers sample your work. The sampling option at the eBook distributors typically only allow the reader to view the first 10% of the eBook for free.

Resizing Images? (Optional)

As a content creator, you should be aware that Amazon charges a “delivery fee” for every eBook sold on the Kindle store. The fee is on a per MB basis. This means that an eBook with many large images will actually make you lose money on every sale if you are using the 70% royalty option. You can read more about it on the KDP help page. To avoid having you lose money, we recommend minimizing the size of all your images. We can do this for you at no charge.

Special Instructions (Optional):

Because the customer is always right at BB eBooks, please let us know if you have any special instructions or concerns about your eBook.

Upload Section

Please upload all content, the book’s cover, and images (limit - 100MB) (Required):
Acceptable content formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .odt, .txt, .indd, .qxp, .qxd, .qxb, .html, .css
Acceptable image formats: .jpg, .gif, .png, .svg
Acceptable compressed formats: .zip, .epub

If you are using anything but Internet Explorer, you can upload multiple files (select them using the CTRL or SHIFT key after clicking on the upload button). You can also upload the files individually or as one big zip file. If you are having problems submitting the files through the form, you are more than welcome to send them to them to us via email at BB eBooks Sales email. You can still submit the quote information and email the files later, if you prefer.

Please type in the captcha code [Click for New Image]:

Approximate quote:

Thank You for Your Business

We are very grateful that you are interested in utilizing the design services of BB eBooks. Since you are entrusting us with your content, we promise to abide by the following guidelines:

  • There is no obligation for you when we send you a quote
  • Design work will commence once you and the BB eBooks Sales Team agree on a price
  • Payment from you occurs within 30 days after you are satisfied with the eBook
  • BB eBooks guarantees to never share your content with anyone outside of our organization without your explicit permission

The quote shown after you fill out the form is approximate and not final. To give an honest quote, BB eBooks really needs to examine your content to determine how much time and effort will be required to create your eBook. Once you submit your content for a quotation, the BB eBooks sales team will respond with a PDF file indicating the quoted price for eBook design. If you agree to the quote, please indicate so via email, and we will begin design work on your eBook immediately. If you want to heckle the price a little, no problem! This is Thailand after all, where bartering is a part of everyday life. Please let us know what price you feel is right for you, and we will take that into consideration.

Payment occurs after you are satisfied with your completed eBook. All payments are done through PayPal at this time. If you have a credit card, you do not need to sign up for a PayPal account to remit payment to BB eBooks. For more details on legalities, please see the Terms and Conditions page. For questions on general information, please consult our FAQ. You are also welcome to send us any inquiries that you may have.


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