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BB eBooks Newsletter - February 24, 2015

Dear Friend,

Hope your 2015 has been going great so far and thanks so much for sticking with us.

Tax Season

Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day are long gone and it’s the most exciting time of year… tax season. Do you enjoy filing your taxes? BB eBooks sure does! To make the process a bit less painful we’ve added a “Reports” section on BB Client where you can quickly identify your expenses to us. For our American clients, you are not required to send us a 1099 as we are not a US company. Also, due to the goofy FATCA regulations, American citizens are recommended to download the W-8BEN-E from BB eBooks in the “Reports” section that basically states we are not laundering your money. It’s not required to be filed with the IRS, but we are supposed to provide to you.


Using the preorder option at various vendors is a powerful tool to build up buzz for your big eBook launch. Unfortunately, all the vendors have different requirements and it’s a bit maddening to figure out. We have done our best to explain how the Kafkaesque preorder process works at each vendor. We wish you the best of luck with your big eBook release!

Buy Links

Many of our clients utilize BB eBooks’ services because we can build different eBooks for each vendor. While there are some technical reasons for doing so, the most important reason is the ability to use buy links with your affiliate code to make some extra money. Please feel free to peruse our post discussing how buy links and affiliate programs work for each vendor, and also how to sign up for the affiliate programs.

Word .doc/.docx for eBooks

As we’ve been saying for a while, uploading a Word .doc/.docx is generally not your best option at most vendors for a professional-looking eBook. You usually want to publish the EPUB or MOBI we provide to you. However, there are certain situations (like the Smashwords Meatgrinder and Kindle Worlds) where going amateur is required and you must use a .doc/.docx. Please feel free to learn more about publishing Word documents to be automatically converted into the eBook formats.

eBook File Size

Generally, you want to keep your eBook file size to a minimum. eReading devices—such as tablets and smartphones—have limited storage capacity. All the Candy Crushes and Temple Runs, plus the 30-minute video of Aunt Vera’s wedding, are maxing out the capacity on readers’ iPad. More importantly for you, bigger file sizes cost you royalty deductions at Amazon via the dreaded delivery fee (if you are using the 70% royalty option). For our clients, we are happy to make sure your eBooks are optimized to be as small as possible, but it’s good knowledge to understand why certain eBooks are bigger in file size than others.

Thanks for reading and best wishes in your publishing endeavors!

Yours sincerely,

The BB eBooks Team

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