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BB eBooks Newsletter – September 2, 2014

Dear Friend,

Hope everyone had a good labor day weekend! There is a ridiculous amount of rain in Bangkok, so we’re trapped in the office and about to order a pizza. It’s a good time to send out that monthly newsletter.

Please note: Amazon now allows preoders for all KDP users (more on this below). A few clients have asked if they need a well-formatted MOBI eBook to set up the initial product page. As much as we would love the extra cash you do not need to send Amazon a MOBI file of your unedited eBook for their initial review. Rather, you can send them a Word document of your manuscript so the KDP folks can approve the preorder product page (up to 90 days in advance of the book launch). Once your manuscript has been edited, please feel free to send to us if you would like to use our great services for the finalized eBooks.

Author Delegation

I have never understood how authors are able to run their entire businesses by themselves. It’s quite impressive! However, we imagine it is quite time-consuming and draining. At a certain level in your career, you may want to consider hiring staff and contractors to expand your operations and free up some more of your time for the task that really matters: writing.

Amazon Allows Preorders for All KDP Users

Amazon has recently allowed all KDP users (not just those with Kindle reps) to make preorders. You can set up the preorder page up to 90 days in advance. Please keep in mind, you must deliver the final MOBI/KF8 eBook to Amazon at least 10 days in advance of when the book goes on sale. Otherwise, Jeff Bezos may ban you from preorders for up to year (thanks to Michael for the great tip). Additionally, find out why preorder may have a downside by reading our blog.

Amazon Sends out a Really Weird Email

In a strange fit of paternalism, Amazon sent out an email to all KDP authors enlisting them in the corporate wars between Amazon and Hachette. Many authors wondered why a battle between two multi-national corporations involved them. BB eBooks wondered the same thing.

Lousy Pirates and Our Commitment to You

There has been a troubling rise in eBook piracy with many sites like Tuebl operating unabated (and showing up on the first page of Google results—eek!) With no good solution to this epidemic in sight, I think this would be a good time to reiterate to our clients that all files you share with us and we share with you are completely confidential. We have a very small number of staff, but they understand that the unauthorized distribution of client’s files will result in severe criminal prosecution under existing Thai law. We have a perfect track record on this to date, and I intend to keep it that way by any means necessary.

Other News of Note:

Gawker published a screed against editors with which we do not necessarily agree. The depiction of editors is one from the old days and not like the great editors that many indie authors work with.

The U.S. Copyright Office has recognized that only human beings can copyright work in response to an imbroglio over a monkey selfie. No, this was not from The Onion.

Anita Cox has some humorous advice for dealing with those occasional readers who send very nasty comments about your book.

Yours sincerely,

The BB eBooks Team

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