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Marketing Your Book Promotion Strategy with Extensive Pluses

Posted on 2012-Dec-26

by BB eBooks Staff

Not-So-Turbulent 2012

Don't Panic

The end of the year is fast approaching. The year 2012 was supposed to be the Mayan apocalypse, and people sought refuge on French Alpine hills, made a pilgrimage to the land where the myth rocked the world, or took to social media to report the desperate craze. Now that the myth is debunked, people can get back to their normal lives. Although no comets collided with planet earth, no disastrous flood inundated the entire world, and no fire and brimstone through major cities like that terrible John Cusack film fictionalized.

Different Marketing Approaches

In the world of eBooks, the Department of Justice resolved the price-fixing issues and hopefully readers will truly enjoy the affordable medium whereas authors will not fret to lower their price to attract a new audience. Still the right marketing approach remains questionable depending on individual author’s resolution to find a successful formula for their books.

Affordable Book Promoters?


One of our clients emailed us and asked whether Best Indie Book Store would be the good deal for her eBook launch. After the intense exploration of the service’s terms and conditions, here is a quick summary of what they offer. The introductory period of a 30-day free trial distinguishes their service from other providers in the sense that satisfaction is worry-free. eBooks can also be provided in several digital formats for most popular devices to facilitate reader’s accessibility – MOBI, EPUB, PDF to name a few. For promotional strategy, authors can receive a fair share of their book sales up to 80%. Multiple social networks are said to be viable tools to inform book launches and discounts. Authors can brand themselves through their profile and their chat system will allow them to interact with readers feasibly. So far, the bookstore does not offer the conversion service. If you are curious how they will pay you, Paypal is their official transaction.

Everything about Kindle That Is Not So Affordable


Moving to another provider, Kindle Daily Nation apparently hints their nature of their professionalism in their auspicious name. From the quick glance of the website, you might think the book promoter is just another place to recycle the redundant information found elsewhere. Kindle Daily Nation presents text-centric promotion that answers your every question. Unlike most websites that feature a book’s name in bold letters, Kindle Nation Daily proposes the extended description that stirs reader’s curiosity to find out what the book is all about by clicking the cover image to further read the synopsis, author’s profile, and reviews. Book trailers are harmoniously integrated within the string of texts that make the book special and outstanding. One of the strong points of being text-laden is readers can browse the book’s quick summary before being transferred to the second or third link on the banners. Four separate sections boasting of eBook of the Day, Thriller of the Week, Kids eBook of the Week, and Romance of the Week all deconstruct the featured book in a very informative box. For price-conscious shoppers, the website also offers Best Deals to direct them straight to genre-specific novel of their choice. If the hefty prices are not right for you, be encouraged to write them an individual plan to reach an exclusive deal.

Google Communities Plus and Pluses


Having mentioned about the popularized social media platform, I would like to draw your attention to the active realms on Google+, because we recently attended a talk with the Country Manager in Thailand. When we created the page several months ago, we did not see enough tools and audience to promote our website through Google+. The page was part of the Gmail expansion pack that we curiously wanted to launch on the same precincts with Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter. I kept posting and received insignificant amount of response from normal fellow users outside the eBook publication industry. My personal interest in photography and technology probably drove them to my profile. Despite having had no luck on Google’s social network, the magical keyword “eBook” that I started to type in the search book led me to join several communities full of independent authors and publishers.

Where’s Your Community?

Why does Google Plus matter to you? I asked myself this question and decided to dig deeper in the search engine expert’s social networking package. After discovering the community pages, I connected with so many more friends and authors who either became a member of other writer-related pages or debuted their centralized spaces to advertise books and services. Given the quick example how one of my subscriptions turned into a location to receive interesting notifications, you can find endless sources of information how to view the book through their covers, watch YouTube trailers, and, best of all, choose to join another community within the comment section. You can invite your friends to join the community and start the trending “Hangout” for a cooler communication with your fellow denizens and fans. Did I also tell you that you can create your own community in a jiffy to gather like-minded authors and bookworms? Take a good look at the number of updates in each community and spend quality time to expand your personal interests-driven horizon and extend your business associates’ connection.

Google Plus

In order to successfully surf on Google+, cash and credit cards are not obligatory means to get the ultimate experience as mentioned above.

Multiple Digital Presence

Now that you have been introduced to different venues to promote your book, there seems to be one thing that shares a common trait in these providers. Regardless of their strategy to make your book or yourself available in the digital space, they strongly encourage you to hone your PR skills to reach out to a global audience. This public relations skill is critical when it comes to book promotion. As an author of literary wealth, your productivity needs the right places to attract an audience. One important lesson I learned from social media interaction is never limiting myself to a single presence. The more exposure to the audience poses the greater opportunity to publicize your strengths as an individual and unionize your personal branding information to concretize the virtual existence on this World Wide Web.

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