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The Here and Now of eBook Publishing’s Fast Turnaround Time

Posted on 2013-Jul-01

by BB eBooks Staff

Non-fiction: The Money-Making Cannon


Just when we mentioned the potential in non-fiction in the previous post a few days ago how authors could bring out the best knowledge from your expertise for your readers, Forbes’ blog seemed to validate such phenomenon. Adopting the sensational figures from the sports fields, you get great materials from multiple sources and, best of all, the nation’s best interest to approve your topic beforehand. The blog emphasizes how digital publishing’s fast turnaround time makes it so easy for authors to write about the topics that are still trending for a general audience.

Fan-Favorite: “Linsanity”


The blog focuses on the fast turnaround time eBooks could be created to meet the reader’s demands. Several books feature Jeremy Lin (or Lín Shūháo) who has been catapulted into fame according to his huge success on the basketball court. It was just a matter of days before the publishers could bring the eBook into completion. Since his backstory is worth the read and has certain marketable features, authors can rest assured that it would not be an uphill climb to sell the book. His personal bio is marketable in itself: being the first Asian-American and Harvard graduate to be so well-regarded in the NBA. His unstoppable rise also affords him the Linsanity nickname, among other derivatives. Perhaps, you might want to browse this infographic on to see how he is considered to be buzz-worthy.

72-36-24: The Magical Number of Production Time

The sportswriter-Alan Goldsher-saw the potential in the topic and turned it into the eBook format in less than six days with the help of his literary agent and publisher. To break down into the actual manufacturing time, while the writing part took approximately 3 days (72 hours), the manufacturing (32 hours) together with publishing processes did actually take less than 2 days (48 hours) according to the Forbes article. The digital publisher, mentioned in the article, struck the topic while the iron was hot by fast delivering the eBook to the virtual market.

Buzz-Worthy Materials


Apart from sports-centric topics, ongoing court trials can also be of public interest. For diehard fans of certain specific interests, several topics of discussion can facilitate the reader’s buying decision with its intricate nature of fact-based presentation. For a general audience, author’s commentary plus the highlight of evidence are equally qualified as news analysis to predict what will happen to the plaintiff and defendant.

Taking Amanda Knox’s trial as an example, what appeared to be a typical murder case turns out to be an “overzealous prosecution and anti-American sentiment.” The media buzz following her every move paves the way to the entire book listing about herself; eventually her own memoir is added to the list. A number of books have speculated what could have possibly happened to her roommate who was murdered. While the retrial may expose new details and revelation, the eBooks do fare well in the Kindle store. Among several search titles that pop up in Kindle Store, her self-penned memoir is undeniably the best-seller that readers are willing to pay for. Interestingly, I checked her ranking and the updated memoir’s position jumped right up to #11, sharing space with Anne Frank, Justice Sonia Sotomayer, Tiny Fey, and Sheryl Sandberg.

Another headline-grabbing court case that got several major leaders in digital publishing business involved seems to score quite well on the chart. Publishers Weekly Senior Editor writes an eBook to report the antitrust suit and backroom deals involved with the major eBook vendors. Although the eBook’s position in the overall Paid in Kindle Store might not be tremendously jaw-dropping (#3,228 at the time of writing), the sub-category rank is more than telling. Being #4 on the chart in Kindle Singles in the category of Reporting signifies the reader’s interest in the price-fixing trial along with murder cases and the report of the prescription painkiller story.

Like Knox’s case, the nature of this type of presentation does not necessarily need to cover the finalized version of the verdict. Ironically stated by the author of ‘The Battle of $9.99’ eBook, the final judgment can be less significant as long as there are influential sources of information involved. “Apple’s trial has generated a lot of media coverage, and has captivated the publishing industry, but for the e-book business, the final verdict matters little [emphasis mine],” Andrew Albanese says.

Strike While the Iron is Hot


Now that the production time for publication is greatly reduced, you can publish your work in days not months. For fiction authors, you possess the prowess to fine-tune your writing to either accommodate your imaginative creativity or monetize from the genre-tweaking approach. Non-fiction colleagues stand an equal chance to pick and choose what topics that serve their interests the most. Needless to say, ongoing court cases prove to be evidently sellable despite their final verdict while sports professionalism is another potential topic that everyone can relate to. As long as there are two sides to every story, people obviously want to learn from their reading. While the initial process requires your rigorous research and investigation, buzz-worthy materials seem to appeal to massive amounts of readers.

At BB eBooks, our fast turnaround time ensures our clients that they can rely on technological expertise and customer-oriented determination. You send the manuscript and the complete eBook will be ready in 24-72 hours for your commercial distribution. Please send us a quote or drop us a line.

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