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Guy Kawasaki’s Self-Publishing: Moments of Daring Truth

Posted on 2013-Jan-11

by BB eBooks Staff

Kawasaki enlightened our blog earlier through Joe Konrath’s blog expressing the brighter path with self-publishing quickly winning over the hearts of many. Call it independence or bravery, self-publishers inherit gifts from the world to foresee reader’s interest and communicate directly to their mind. Traditional publishers matter less and less due to their grandiose authority to impose restricted control on every ounce of creative production authors have developed sanely and unconsciously. After the interview trilogy, I think I might go ape over establishing an independent spirit as well.

What I want to do is create this new publishing model that is Artisanal Publishing. Like the brewer, like the winemaker, like the bread maker, this is your craft and you control it end to end, says Guy Kawasaki.

The Enchantment Guy


The first part of the interview with Huffington Post reveals the backstory why Guy Kawasaki whose professional background entails a long list of respectable accomplishments. This is the part where he was introduced by the nickname “the Enchantment Guy” which can be related to his physical book publication with the same name traditionally released a year ago. The discussion allows the famous author to confess his bad impression working with vanity publishing despite having been perfectly groomed in the golden castle of one of the Big 6. One of the significant drawbacks of the antiquated publisher system is the turnaround time that does nothing to compete with its digital solution. The bottleneck might be best described by “inefficient” and “inflexible” cooperation within the organizational work pattern that the multi-departmental staff work dependently. The more people get involved polishing the book, the slower stagnation ensues to halt the book from being released to the public. The restriction on the book, as imposed by the publisher, also creates a negative impact on the newly released book that requires a healthy promotion to mobilize its sales. Giving away the books was a prohibition. Don’t you (indie authors) know that?

Moving on with self-publishing was the divine decision the Enchantment Guy had to make so he could sell directly. Sellers who refuse direct sale phenomenon are shooting themselves in the foot. Self-publishers proficiently adjust themselves to self-promoting their books in a variety of marketing campaigns since they gain better insight of how digital storage and distribution system and what POD means to please bookstores and their fans who still favors the touch and feel of books. Long before the eBook’s existence, the commercial bookshelf’s was often crammed with this Bestselling badge and that Phenomenal prowess on their cover. Well, the plateau of literary wealth has shifted towards indie authors whose works have touched so many lives echoing rave reviews worldwide. Borderless distribution helps feeds reading frenzy and cure mental curiosity. With the advent of social media integration, instead of standing behind the shadow of the publisher, authors take the center stage and provide the omniscient revelation who they are. Most importantly, they invariably learn to lift up their colleague’s spirit and share valued information how to experience the limelight together.

Artisanal Publishing


The second piece in the series precisely shares what the initial attempt into self-publishing Guy experienced. Stupid little things count when doubts surmounted and production cost feverishly affected his budget. The stupidity consequently taught him many lessons and beneficially inspired him to share the tips and tricks to others. Regardless of how smart he is, his digital publication started anew. The by-product he learned first-hand helps him to fortify a stronger connection between author, publisher, and entrepreneur. His deliberate selection of “artisanal publishing” appears to represent the collective unconsciousness of the way authors are equivalent to brewer, wine maker, and bread maker. To contradict the trending DIY terminology, Guy’s word choice reinstates the sense of proficiency imbued in artisan who excels in what they strive to accomplish. Apparently, the self-publishing route feasibly allows artisans to monitor and regulate their work “end to end” without authoritative interference.

Democratization of Information


The last installment signals the freedom of distribution, or put grandly in his term “democratization of information,” that limitation is fading away. However, new challenges may always present themselves. With Amazon’s instant availability, authors expose themselves to multitudes of opportunities that have never been present before. Again, golden examples of self-publishers are broadcast to demonstrate what the revolutionary success is all about but the Enchantment Guy does not seem to recount the fairy tale. Maybe, his hidden agenda is that one success story cannot be replicated. There will always be one E. L. James or Amanda Hocking but their revolution validates reality check for those who are on this DIY road. In the closing sentence, Guy reemphasizes the core value of artisanship in your work that stays afloat of any criticism about what you can and cannot do.

Every now and then, revolution comes along and intensifies changes in the industry. Although Kawasaki is not the wreathed author who first received praise in the self-publishing industry, his personal insight to breathe courage and relevance into the self-publishing author’s mentality sets a great example in this industry. Sharing and caring characteristics never fall short and together the revolutionists benefit as a whole lot. Perhaps, no matter how long his daring truth will momentarily live inside you, may you constantly produce artisanal masterpieces that move your readers again and again.

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