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Becoming a Self-Publishing Success

Posted on 2012-Oct-05

by BB eBooks Staff

KDP Solution for Indie Authors

Amazon is usually tight-lipped about eBooks’ sales figures, but they stress how significant the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has become for many authors. As you may already know, KDP offers royalties up to 70% according to Amazon CEO himself, Jeff Bezos. He continued to point out how rejections had become the stepping stone for most independent authors who have become disappointed with manuscript submissions to major publishers.

eBooks as a Catapult to Global Recognition


Of course, there are certain rules and regulations regarding quality control of your content and book format on Amazon; however, when it comes to establishing your reputation in the publishing industry, Amazon's eBook format is probably the most diverse solution across reading platforms for emerging authors to reach their global audience in a short period of time.

Self-Publishing Role Models


Jeff Bezos quoted from The Help’s author how she suffered from rejections. Digital self-publishing brought her some good news. Hugh Howey mentioned how his Wool series has turned him into a fully committed writer through “six-figure months” after working with KDP. He was offered a book deal but turned it down and decided to continue the independent way of living. Theresa Ragan also shared the same delight that her books have fared very well.

Enhanced Digitization: Treasure Hunt

eBook series tend to fare well. The Silent History, available on Apple devices, makes great use of interactivity and comments. Readers can download this app for free but need to pay for the daily content, which is about 15 minutes of reading. Readers can add their own story into the novel by visiting places as suggested in the book. This participating interaction makes an eBook stand out from its print siblings. Readers are engaged in the scavenger hunt apart from their static reading.

Won’t You Give Up


The road to stardom is long and winding yet remains open to game changers who differentiate themselves with good stories and a determined mindset to free themselves from limitation.

Jason Mraz encourages you not to give up so easily and you can make the difference in I Won’t Give Up:

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily. I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make.

Making a Difference after Rejections


Case in point, if we accept rejections, then every said disagreement becomes true to stigmatize and disrupt the quality of your work as a unique storyteller. As an author, money does matter but making a difference is also your goal and accomplishment. My question is what differences you have made since you chose to perfect this profession?

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