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Forget Your Reader Not

Posted on 2013-Feb-13

by BB eBooks Staff

Author’s Wireless Freedom


The job of authoring a book is to craft stories and/or facts so convincingly that the reader will have a reason to spend their time indulging in the topics the author has penned. This type of work was considered sacred in the past when the publishing opportunity was scarce and rejection slips were common for creative souls. Fortunately, online distributors and bookstores are abandoning restriction and limitation to permit authors’ freedom, which has led to many new great books that would otherwise not have been published.

Independence Cements Establishment


The rise of independence everywhere certainly helps push lesser known products into a sought-after treasure that avid readers beyond borders are willing to pay to possess. The independent spirit appears in many shapes and genres of which their owner professes so well to produce and promote their end product. Obviously, to be recognized as an established author whose stable source of income is obtained by selling books is not an easy job.

Backmatter Stores Useful Links and Information


Our previous blogs delineated the use of alternative social media and promotional gear to help boost your book’s discoverability. But even then, it takes a long time to build trust in order to transform a general customer into a regular patron. David Gaughran emphasizes the practicality of backmatter that will feature what others have said about you and where readers can find more of your catalog. A mailing list is equally necessary to combine your contact details in one place and constantly (but not so intrusively) inform your target audience of the new launch of your product and other relevant updates. The old-school method of correspondence proves critical especially when you want to be less reliant on your representative.

Mailing Lists and Crafting Professional Emails

Without the effective tool to keep your reader informed of your book, your future book might have slipped out of sight. Formerly, traditional publishing houses threw huge budgets into PR strategies to make sure that your book would be seen everywhere in town. However, investment for self-publishers can be used wisely in other areas such as copyediting or cover design. David recommends MailChimp to design professional email without the hassle. Unlike other mailing lists, new releases are announced not to bombard the subscriber with too much information filling up in their inbox.

Are Typo-free eBooks Possible?


To support David’s idea, Rich Aldrin amps up the use of newsletter based on the reader’s perspective. He encourages a “live link” so the reader can sign up to receive more updates from the author. Apart from the mailing list, Rich severely criticizes eBooks that have been ridden with grammatical errors. In his view, the author disrespects the language and the reader. Many examples are given to point out that grammar must be carefully taken care of. The need to hire an editor is resounded in his argument. Just when his points are made clear about spreading the good word about your book to the subscribers and working closely with an editor, the comments invite readers and authors to talk exclusively about their experience publishing with Amazon and setting up mailing list. David Gaughran also paid a visit to voice his opinion.

Towards the end of the comment section, Marquita Herald softens the tone by providing the compromising conclusion of how she set up the mailing list successfully and would try to put up a link at the link of the book. Carmen Webster Buxton writes that she agrees with the mailing list idea and will adopt this in her blog.

Mailing Lists Create Effective Communication


After readers spend their quality time and money on the book, the author has a duty to keep their marketing campaign feasibly running. It is apparent that both parties complement each other; while authors have uniquely convincing stories to tell, readers anticipate carefully written storytelling to fulfill their imagination. To keep readers updated with author’s new progress means that the former becomes a vital part in the latter’s development. More specifically, forging effective communication with readers creates an opportunity where authors participate in the daily conversation and learn what people want from their creativity. Our mailing list subscribers have generously shared their insights about the tools they are working with and given us the opportunity to look at their potential manuscripts. To sign up for our newsletter, kindly provide your name and email in the box and click the blue button.

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