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The Explosion of Backlist and Serialized Novels

Posted on 2012-Nov-21

by BB eBooks Staff

Serializing Novels Caught by the Storm


In October, BB eBooks emphasized how serializing novels could propelled an author to the golden top spot. Bestselling author Hugh Howey did score really well back then as he ascended to No.2 spot throne. As of today, his serialized novel never stops to impress the reader as one of his past achievements includes topping the Sci-Fi chart in book. In the Kindle Store, his #89th rank highlights how strong his sales records have been to retain in the top 100 list.

Kindle Series Inducting Kurt Vonnegut

Fast forward to November, Amazon’s official channel to distribute novels in series is more proper than ever. Since its commencement in September, three more titles have been added to Kindle Serials’ catalogue, and the addition of Kurt Vonnegut’s unpublished works have significantly stirred wild reaction in some reader’s mind. Although the author might have never foreseen his Sucker’s Portfolio eBook, his works pass the torch onto authors who have their books curated and published elsewhere to combine their selection here.

Kindle Forum Fanning the Flames


According to Digital Book World, Amazon will introduce a few more titles by the end of 2012 totaling the number of available series of 15 just to keep avid readers coming back to their new service. Even now, readers enjoy reading the series so fervently that they share their passion via the Kindle forum to keep the book’s message going. In the forum, Andrew Peterson takes this moment to reach out to his fans and offer a solution to technical difficulties. Although the author of 9th Circle lacks direct participation, the interaction among readers makes up the loss of authorial voice of which direction the next series will go. With the actual author presiding over the forum, the roundtable discussion fans the flames of spreading comments ranging from excitement to rationalization.

Back-List Regenerating Your Possibility


In light of book re-releasing as exemplified through the case of Kurt Vonnegut’s novels mentioned earlier, backlist titles such as Life of Pi graces its digital path filled with rose petals to number 13, despite its original release date in 2002. Yann Martel’s bestseller might foresee viral reception once the film adaptation hits the theaters soon. If there is a lesson to be learned here, perhaps you will have to retrieve your archived publication and look into the possibility of bringing them back to the new world of eBooks where its citizens can seriously discover their favorite stories. To breathe new life into your work, can you produce fresh materials to better clarify your argument in the book? Maybe, you can film a short documentary or a clip introducing your target audience to the setting of your novel: how the characters are drawn and what inspires and motivates your writing.

Lessons Learned: Promoting Strong-Willed Independence


With the growing consensus crying out for serialized novels, you can see for yourself how passionate the readers are when they confess their crush on your fictionalized character. Isn’t that just remarkable? Despite the bombardment of major publishers on the bestseller list, you can adopt their strategy to polish your end product and connect with the reader through a plethora of promotional endeavors. Self-publisher, Natasha Anders, still proves herself to have been in the top 100 list for 29 days. Currently, her laudable achievement is #7.

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