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Beyond eBook’s Accessibility and Discoverability

Posted on 2013-Jan-14

by BB eBooks Staff

It is undeniable that the free giveaways dominate the book promotion strategy wish list as if it were the golden rule new eBook authors have to bear in mind. Formerly, to catch a brief glimpse of what book you want to buy, you would have to go directly to the bookstore or browse the sample pages from online retailers. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to read pages from your dream novel that has the most alluring book cover on the shelf. But for those books wrapped in transparent plastic, you might just have to do the research in advance or pick the one that provoke your mind the most at that particular decision-making instant. In order to buy a textbook, it was nearly impossible to peep what was inside since they were mostly protected from window shoppers.

Open Accessibility


The open accessibility of eBooks has changed the printing industry forever when creators of content make a significant decision to publicize their intellectual property. Novelists give away their hard-earned stories; textbook makers exhibit excerpts of their research; professional individuals distribute their tips how to perform a better business result; teachers upload language tutorial videos on Youtube and provide the elaborate GCSE guide eBook. Although the World Wide Web contained a wealth of valuable information, especially with the unprecedented participation of Project Gutenberg, accessibility to free content is made easier with the willingness of the content provider for target audience to spread the good words and add value to their content with sensible opinions.

Libboo: The Political Book Promoter


Taking Libboo for a fine example, you might frown at the thought of entering another book promoting website that features relentless word choice to advertise and commercialize eBooks. What got me in their territory in the first place was a the sense of humor emerging from its “Prime Minister” (in Libboo’s political terminology), Chris Howard, whose childish cartoon avatar bears the significance of Union Jack tee and brown sandal instead of professional suits and pants. The user-friendly interface quickly allows me to familiarize with the books and their popularity. Inside the book page, I see every detail that promotes the book right away e.g. large enough book cover, booksellers, and author’s picture. Of course, these are the simplest details one can expect to see anywhere else. “Buzz hits” sets Libboo apart from most of its competitors by showing the user’s frequency of sharing. This particular reward system also encourages existing members to compete against one another to be the top buzzer to claim gifts.

Is Libboo for Indie Authors?


Up until now, your question might have been whether the selection process is filtered by an exclusive fee to join. Admittedly, the selection process of your novel is entitled to the team’s decision to increase their catalogues. However, there are some positive signs for our indie clients to appreciate their book-promoting service: they welcome EPUB and MOBI format of which most of you certain possess; they seem to speak to independent author directly apart from agent and publisher as they leave one button for you to proudly present who you are.

Open Library

For readers, McGraw-Hill finally realizes the busier traffic on eBook road to stay relevant by offering the free preview of their textbooks online. Although the full preview requires that your access be granted on a subscription plan, their significant step moving towards accessibility seems to signify that they start to ignore the hefty price tag and abandon DRM to put heavy pressure on readers. To set up an account in order to view the free content, anyone can do it by answering a few questions and scribbling your user name and password on a piece of paper. Their extensive catalogue is big enough to entice curious readers to check out their titles. My personal impression was I was able to scroll down the scanned either on a single page view two-page orientation to browse through quick facts and figures from Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty: Managing in a Downturn. Some pages are unintentionally left blank by providers but it is up to me to decide whether I should need this book. Unfortunately, regardless of the laudable accessibility, the page load time becomes a huge drawback due to the fact that the textbook is converted from an image file.


My speculation is high-res PDF is the main culprit behind the grey loading icon. Lightning-fast connection is the compulsory requirement to get any book open successful.

Accessible Education


Last but not least, the cult of Mr Bruff’s generous educator who makes sure that his every channel of communication will bring global students the experience of truly accessible education. Like what we have been exhibiting consistent proficiency and courage to share eBook creation guide, Mr. Bruff does not demand that you pay him a ransom or life fortune to attend his tutor classes. In fact, he dedicates his time and energy producing all the materials that could benefit any English students on this planet. What struck my attention the most is how he utilizes eBook opportunities to reach his audience and help them unconditionally. He concretizes a pivotal role in putting digital publication in a good use through his professional expertise. Although his lecture style might not equate the theatrical performances of Lady Gaga or steal young girl’s heart like Justin Bieber, the sense of appreciation in his knowledge-sharing methodology can actually change many students’ lives amidst their critical moment taking the examination.

Authentic eBook Features


In many accounts of eBook, the digital format drives sales of author’s works to their maximum achievement. The format itself promises a better future for those independent spirits who are willing to revolutionize the open standard and appreciate the free market sensibility. But when the market is full of competition, new tools must be invented to help unlock the potentials each and every product has. Libboo aims to empower the reader whose reading passion can directly affect their author’s success. Authors gains more exposure to attract the increasing audience who needs the reward system. I still recall the Foursquare competition in which the most frequently active user is crowned mayor made my friends admire their badge acquisition for weeks. The satisfying achievement is indescribably delightful. The open library that McGraw-Hill and Mr Bruff signifies how feasible discoverability can be attained. One quick comment, with signature eBook features, their eBooks could be more engaging and interactive.

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