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Digital Publications are Made for a Digital Audience

Posted on 2012-Oct-24

by BB eBooks Staff

Daily Consumption of Digital Media


Digital publications have become more relevant in our life from dusk until dawn. From the moment you wake up, you may want to check out the online newspapers to get quick updates from breaking news around the globe, browse through your favorite e-magazines in your spare time to find new inspiration, or read eBooks to study and search for the meaning of life.

Target Your Audience


Mik StrØyberg points out how the digital format could significantly generate new opportunities since its publication can target audiences to suit their needs more effectively. Given the fact that CDs and DVDs revolutionized the music and film industry, digital publication is the similar force to change the print industry.

Younger Readers’ Habits


According to the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project to evaluate Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits, readers under 30 tend to read eBooks on computer (55%), cell phones (41%), eReaders (23%), and tablets (16%) respectively. 47% of the mentioned age group read digital publications because of the more widespread availability of the content. How does that translate to you? Since younger readers have every reason to read ranging from studying for work to researching their topics of interest, it is your chance to target them as one of your followers. They are the experts when it comes to “virally” spreading and consuming the information.

Newsweek to End Print Edition

The End

Considering Newsweek’s latest decision to discontinue their print edition at the end of 2012 and work on the digital publication for tablets early next year, the editor said that it was the right direction and they would embrace the future. Why it matters to you? If big players are focusing on digitizing their content to be displayed on reading devices, the question is whether you are ready to deliver your work to owners of the new devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets, and eReaders).

Mini iPad and iBooks

With everyone glued to their seat waiting to hear what Tim Cook had to say yesterday, Apple has jumped on the bandwagon of producing smaller tablets. The 7” Mini iPad is the latest product Apple Inc. built to compete with other tablet makers in the market. Although the price seems rather high, the universal quality of screen resolution and well-designed bezel are what you get. The latest update of iBooks, the company’s eReading software, is also a natural coincidence to celebrate the new gadget as several new features are optimized for the greater experience on the device.

Ultimate Reading Experience


With technological innovation implemented in the market, books are in the transitional period by adapting itself to fit various screens across platforms. Text appears to be razor sharp in color background or ergonomically lit behind eInk resolution. eReaders come in various packages, but the ultimate experience for readers still remains the actual process of sitting comfortably and enjoying the reading process. No matter what technological medium you embrace, make sure you care enough to read.


Meat Question

For readers, how many eReaders do you own? Which do you prefer multi-core tablets or eInk devices? As authors, what do you make of digital publication? How does it help you to research or convey relevant ideas to work on your book? What type of digital platform do you plan to launch your work on?

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