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Authors Are Their Own Best Publicists

Posted on 2012-Nov-19

by BB eBooks Staff

Reader’s Preference


Marketing is an eyebrow-raising concern for most authors—even those who work with the big publishers. In the past, authors could just sit back and relax under the umbrella strategy that the publishers had figured out how to promote the book to gain greater recognition. However, when the reader’s behavior shifted from one physical format to multi-platform digital data, it has come time that the book industry adapt themselves to this new paradigm. The pressure from readers to buy books at a low cost forces the publishers to pressure authors to do more work than just writing, rightly or wrongly.

Book and Music Industry

Steve Gottlieb, CEO of Shindig, takes liberty in comparing the book and music industry, and how they are on a similar path. The mergers among record labels are not beneficial for consumers, as there is less choice and less competition. This might result in similar consequences for the future major publishers’ decision to instigate the dominance of influential retailers.

Amazon’s Sales Model


Amazon’s personal recommendations and word of mouth strategy are the keys to their instant rise in being a retailing champion. However, these two strategies are not adequate to appeal to reader’s pursuance of their interest. Due to the fake review scandal, new presentational attraction is needed to transform the content creator into the insightful publicist who is responsible for answering the audience’s question with flesh and bone existence.

Living at the Cost of Social Attention


Technological advances have made the reader’s life so convenient that they can obtain whatever data they desire whenever possible. Also, being able to track their favorite author’s progresses in different places has become increasingly significant and relevant especially when social media standardizes our global connection. Readers expect social communication with their favorite authors as much as they want to mingle with their fellow bookworms to expand their reading collection. If 21st century authors choose to hide away from the spotlight of attention, there will be a tendency that they might have to chase after their peers who professionally wear the public relations hat as an additional profession.

Video Chat as Cost-saving Promotion


Take for example how Shindig’s experience helps authors reach the mass audience and engage them in live interactions. Video chat may allow authors to simplify their mysterious sophistication in cost-saving budget. Unlike the traditional book tour, video chat can be organized as often as possible to make sure that authors keep their readers updated. Even though Steve points out how artists must rely on marketing expertise to sell their works in the music business, the book industry differentiates itself when independent authors work harder to cut their production costs and their self-published works have constituted the online store’s reputation to be the fair opportunity for anybody with raw talent.

Stardom Also Needs Freedom

When Remember Me’s film producer, Nick Osborne, dips his toe in publication, he decides to go the self-publishing route to live a life of his choosing. His novel is partly drawn from the direct experience in his younger years working with a volunteer organization. Regardless of being equipped with celebrity status in his resume, he finds it more feasible to control the quality that he is obligated to deliver to his reader first-hand with no limitation.

Technology Aid

The current involvement of technology is undeniably driven by our behavioral change in terms of media consumption. Being confined to the solitary loftiness of imagination is not viewed as the highly profitable option anymore especially when your fellow authors’ prowess in executing social media communication gain higher acceptance among readers. Live interaction allows authors to voice their opinion and at the same time receive the critical precaution of what they should do and have not done. With ever-increasing critical praise of how self-publishers are contributing to the book industry, authors have an obligation to keep themselves busy with using technology to their advantage to make sure that their readers are returning their monetary favor consistently.

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