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How to Write Press Releases Effectively

Posted on 2012-Jun-27

by BB eBooks Staff

Typing a Presser

After following the tips on where to submit your press release for free, your inbox may be flooded with messages of approval from press release distributors linking to your published submission. Once you can view it online, you are connected with your global audience. Perhaps, you are busy with replying to queries nonstop. Sounds like you have accomplished a critical step of doing business as an author—promotion.

However, for those of you who are not familiar with writing a press release, you might want to look for online guidance and tips. On wikiHow, they provide 7 steps to write a press release to get you started. Tim Donnelly from Inc. gives useful advice how to protect your press release from getting thrown into the bin and establish yourself as the ‘trusted resource for the media’. With further links to help you talk about your book more effectively, this page is certainly the resourceful guide for everybody to get into marketing almost immediately.

So far, if you have got what the media needs, you may want to hear from the insiders why press releases really matter. From the insider’s perspective, Laura Oliver stresses the importance of how the press release is considered the standardized medium for media to broadcast your information. Her article, the perfect press release for journalists, helps strengthen your solid base of trustworthy data to be sought after by the media.

At this stage, it is clear that the purpose of writing a press release is to attract the widest possible audience. Regardless of the format you will refer to, our recommendation is to look no further than reaching inside yourself—what you want your target to know and how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd, be it your expertise or sincere customer-oriented services. Conciseness and honesty are the two key factors that can help deliver your intention efficiently and straightforwardly.

Regardless of the service you may choose, free or paid option, to get the job done based on your budget allocation, keep in mind that following the sites you submit your press releases to costs you nothing. Engaging in hours of self-study may also link you up with another expert or potential client in the future. Who knows what digital content sharing could do?

Last but not least, congratulations to you for successfully publishing the press release. You are always welcome to share the link or the scanned publication with us.

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