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How to Distribute a Free Press Release Online

Posted on 2012-Jun-25

by BB eBooks Staff

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Having written unpublished short stories, journalist’s essays, or full-fledged novels, new writers may find it challenging to figure out the best way to promote your valued products. Sweating blood and tears over the enduring process of ironing out your most creative work may completely drain your energy. To make matters worse, there might be the growing uncertainty of how to reach your audience effectively under the stressful pressure that the bookstore’s shelf is being crammed with competitors.

The first question that comes to mind is how can you promote your work effectively? It might sound like a bumpy ride on the gravel road to risk investing your money into outsourcing PR agents in order to develop some fanciful advertising roadmap, especially when their professional cost is sky-high. A good point in reaching out for help is that you pay to get the job done conveniently, beautifully, and professionally. Please consult PR Web’s Writing Great Online News Releases (pdf) and 14 Ideas for Promoting Your Business Online (pdf).

But, if you are afraid of overspending your budget and losing the spirit of being independent, there is an alternative route you may want to consider. In reality, the most prized asset lies in the simplicity of crafting words. Working as an independent writer or operating a small press allows you to have full control over your marketing activity. The first step to fulfill such a difficult task is to find a free distributing channel.

Learning how to write a press release can help you define your target audience effectively. Press releases are basically a self-promotional letter that will formally introduce:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who your target customers are

By having a press release, there is a higher chance of you being picked up by media companies and promoted elsewhere for your benefit at no cost to you.

Plenty of websites generously welcome your business announcement free of charge with arms wide open. The first BB eBooks press release was publicly shown on many websites at no charge. These are some of the free press release distributors where we have successfully published online:

  1. i-Newswire
  2. Free Press Release
  3. The Open Press
  4. Press Box

Once the press release is successfully distributed, you increase your chances of being discovered by global prospects and expose your business entity to endless opportunities that digital connectivity has to offer. Isn’t it a laudable accomplishment how you manage to target your clients more effectively? We hope you will be busy replying to queries nonstop in the meantime.

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