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BB Meta Pad Launched for eBook Developers

Posted on 2012-Jul-09

by Paul Salvette

An Old Computer

BB eBooks has added another free web app to the growing arsenal of tools that eBook developers can utilize to make building professional EPUB and MOBI/KF8 files a breeze. The BB Meta Pad allows automatic generation of IDPF and Dublin Core-compliant metadata for your eBook. The metadata guidelines laid out by the IDPF and Dublin Core can be confusing, and there is not very good resources about them online for the rest of us without PhDs. This handy little web app tries to do the dirty work for you.

By using the BB Meta Pad, you can insert XML directly into the Manifest Section of your OPF file to ensure that your metadata is 100%. Do not rely on third-party software programs to insert metadata into your eBook package for you. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Please consult the Meta Pad Documentation and content.opf boilerplate for more assistance.

BB eBooks will be releasing a revision to the old EPUB/KindleGen tutorial in the coming days for eBook developers who want to learn what's under the hood of an eBook. Please let us know if we can make any improvements.

Label: Technical and Design

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