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Diversification in the eBook Business

Posted on 2013-Jan-09

by BB eBooks Staff

Reconceptualization of Doctor Who Fiction


Entering 2013, the reinterpretation of the doctor from ‘Doctor Who’ might revive the creative attempt to tell stories. Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl, takes on board to write new short stories based on Doctor Who’s television drama. In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the British drama, eleven children’s author will retell the well-known series based on their unique imagination. Colfer was drawn to the original book long before it was adapted for the tube. He sees potential development, to be built in the first doctor, of which the synopsis is the fruitful consequence of how the story will be expanded. Other “commercial blockbusters to literary award-winners” will present themselves to pen ten more stories before November 23 of this year.

eReading Device Ownership Chart


Starting today’s blog with Doctor Who’s rework as short stories hopefully encourages authors to find new materials for their future writing. While the British readers might be venturing who the remaining authors will be, a study conducted by Pew Internet and American Life project presents a healthy rate of how much American readers own eReading devices. The ownership percentage of tablets receives the astounding 15% increase whereas eReaders’ growth standing humbly behind at 9%. Why is this study relevant to you? Apart from writing for the eReaders market, tablets might need your consideration as the demographics are significantly expanding.

Yudu the Multi-platform Publisher


Since the eBook statistics are brought up on the table, it might be worth noticing to check how illustrated (e)books could be of readers’ interest anytime soon. Touted as Multi-platform Publishing, Yudu scribbles down every possible eReader formats available on earth (EPUB, KF8, MOBI, AZW, mobile apps for iOS and Android) to make sure their publication will work smoothly on any platform. Unfortunately, the publisher does not provide any pricing information, so be sure to prepare a large sum of investment to add graphical enhancement in your book. Although there are possibilities that more and more mobile reading apps will be launched into the market, the writer of this article leaves the open debate over dedicated reading apps versus eBooks on online vendors. Unlike the “immersive” eBook market, enhanced eBooks still struggles to enter the market governed by fiction.

Lulu’s DRM Removal

Elsewhere, Lulu decides to abandon DRM for EPUB and PDF eBooks sold by the open publishing house. Several independent retailers including Smashwords and O’Reilly have been there (causing problem to their customers) and done (remove Digital Rights Management) that before. What is the point in buying a book and having to set up an account with Adobe just to read properly? With introductory paragraphs showing their commitment and philosophy to break barriers, Lulu tends to save their readers from trouble yet hopes to hear the member’s feedback. Hopefully, the discontinued support of DRM will bring in more readers to their system.

eBook Lines

Apart from illustrated eBooks, new eBook “lines” might increase the entire population of eBook readers very soon. Newspapers, magazines, TED, and Atavist plant to start their own original material based on their expertise that aims to promote their business opportunities. For instance, Rosetta Books is launching Harvard Medical School Guides to be written by trained physicians from Harvard itself. The topic of this book is carefully selected to make sure that it will attract millions of readers worldwide. Harvard publishing house has a keen interest to promote the project “aggressively.”

Professional Expertise


Fictionalization of TV series classics, illustrated books, DRM removal, and eBook lines are telltale signs that eBooks this year will diversify and grow into fruition for mature readers. If fiction is your strength, perhaps these signs might branch out your whole new idea about the next writing project. Writing about your interested topic will definitely benefit your reader to share the genuine passion and create the whole new space for endless adaptation. Illustration is supposedly the tool to concretize letters and please readers who quickly identify graphics. DRM removal seems to signify the independent spirit that lifts the pressure of reader’s shoulder and allow them to explore the endless catalogue more conveniently. Although eBook lines seem like a far-reaching help for independent authors, the more professional writers are brought into the market, the higher the chance that new group of readers will accompany them to enjoy the flexibility and affordability of digital publication. Perhaps, authors might gain more exposure to try different genres of writing by bringing out their professional knowledge into eBook like this psychoanalyst. Have a happy writing day!

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