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Traditionally Published Non-Fiction Author Self-Publishes His Backlist

Posted on 2013-Nov-20

by BB eBooks Staff

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In our previous blog, we covered how non-fiction had so much potential as self-published an eBooks. Due to the dynamism of the world’s endless newsworthy activities, writers should not limit themselves to tackle any issue that they think best suit their expertise. Back then, “Linsanity,” “Amanda Knox,” amd “Sheryl Sandberg” all received the audience’s attention and at the same time kept any eBooks containing those topics relevant in the competition.

Gatekeeper’s Restriction


Anthony Hayward, a traditionally-published author who has written more than 20 books, shares his disappointment when he proposes his new ideas to them. As a journalist who authored a book that has been published several years ago, he finds it hard to have his ideas accepted by the publishers. To make matters worse, considering the lengthy period of publication process, his new ideas will have already been out-of-date by the time the book is released to the market.

The Need to Update

Due to the continued popularity of his subject matter, John Pilger – famous journalist/filmmaker, Anthony believes he could update his book, first published in 2001, to facilitate the new topics John is working on. However, the publishers decide that the topic has “been done” and therefore do not approve of its updates. He took the matter into his own hands and explore how self-publishing in eBook format will eliminate these slowdowns. While he started writing, John Pilger was working on a documentary which will be released next month. Rather than leaving the published book (backlist title) to be kept from the public, Anthony sees the opportunity to tie in his book with John’s documentary.

Star Power


Being able to write and publish anytime also allows the author to cooperate with John who eventually helps the author promote the book on John’s website and other published articles. “Being topical certainly helps. It gives you the chance to link to something that is already getting publicity,” Anthony said.



Formatting, Distributing, Pricing

Formatting-wise, it is more flexible to lay out the photos in their pages rather than grouping them in one or two sections. Better still, adjustments and fixing other errors can be conveniently and timely made even after publishing is finalized; most importantly, readers will be notified of the update.

In his self-publishing route, Amazon is his choice of distribution. Even though Amazon will obviously cut into his earnings, it was worth paying them since he gets the higher royalty rate payment compared to how he will be paid by traditional publishers. After all, Amazon holds the major slice of the eBook market pie.

Citing a recent survey about consumers’ preferred price to buy an eBook, he set the price at £3.99 hoping that lower price will appeal to a large group of readers. Also, with instant delivery method, “modern technology might not actually be working against old values,” he concluded.

Nothing Will Be Left Behind

Self-publishing an eBook provides flexibility for authors to present the latest ideas and sell them to a group audience. While fiction gives authors the freedom to recreate the story plot, settings, and characters, non-fiction authors can pick up a newsworthy story everyday based on their specific field of expertise. When the author is in full control of their own writing schedule, writing an eBook has become so manageable that they can update to match the latest situation effortlessly. As a consequence, the eBook benefits from John Pilger who lends his star power to promote the eBook on his website. With this added promotional benefit, not only John Pilger’s fans will discover this eBook, Anthony has already garnered the credibility and accuracy that they can trust with the stamp of approval from the veteran journalist himself. Last but not least, self-publishing and modern technology are crucial for non-fiction authors to make their voice heard in a timely manner. Nonetheless, it is up to the author who will make a choice which publishing route they want to pursue to be free from external restrictions.

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