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Self-Publishing Brings a Renaissance in Publishing

Posted on 2013-Apr-19

by BB eBooks Staff

Consumer’s Limited Acceptance


Several years ago, I was constantly addicted to my inseparable MP3 player that did its job very well storing and playing an entire library of music collection. The ample capacity allowed me to archive numerous albums I loved and cherished since my childhood years and past decades of yore. To listen to music, I switched it on, waited for a sec, and chose a favorite track/album before pressing the physical ‘play’ button. Although the tiny screen offered modest reproduction of colorful photos and album art, I felt at ease with what technology had offered me back then to define happiness and satisfaction.

Technological Aid Implementation


Fast forward to the current period when touch-screen devices have taken over the gadget market, you might find it slow to rely on your then-innovative device to rock your world. In fact, the latest technology has literally facilitated you in eliminating the time-wasting execution to happen. Back then, you would not think that a mobile phone would be able to give you everything you need from automatically scheduling a memo with just your voice command or browse the web that is full of complex scripts and laden with sophisticated animation.

Acceptance with Fast Response


From the perspective of an end user, I see device makers are putting more effort into crafting an all-around device with great built quality that consumers do not necessarily cling to its manual. That brings us to the internal component of every hardware that bridges the gap between powerful processor and intuitive user interface. In my earliest example about the MP3 player, I lost count of how many times my fingers had to press the buttons to get the simple function-music listening-done. Today, a few light taps on the screen will fulfill my expectation with reliable speed and instantaneous response.

Inflexible Adaptation to Changes

For companies who resisted and ignored user’s feedback, they might find it hard to adapt to the current production methodology that perfectly aligns with changes and revolution. Old faces start fading from the scene where they once were hotshots in their primetime as new faces start to emerge and shine in their own right as they are willing to respond to the needs of consumers.

The Alliance of Unity

In the publishing industry, traditional publishers took center stage when it came to presenting the works written by authors who were hidden behind the scenes. The publishers replicated their success by recycling the printing solution and force-feeding readers only one method for reading. The physical presence of their products seemingly simulates the advancement that backtracks what current technology can promise to bring. Fortunately, they learnt their lessons and started to embrace what readers have needed for so long. In relation to their move towards eBook solution, the alliance of independent authors has collaborated on a united front and the London Book Fair 2013 is the perfect example how self-publishers are treated deservedly well.

Interviewing for Clarification


Following Joanna Penn’s videos, we get to meet influential figures in the digital publishing scene. You have got to admire her giggles before getting into straight-to-the-point Q&A sessions of which indie authors can benefit from this particular fair. The live appearances of successful authors and one of the world’s largest distributors of indie eBooks jazzes things up a little bit especially with the long prologue provided by Orna Ross. In prior to discussing with Mark Coker, Mark Lefebvre of Kobo talks about Writing Life before Thom Kephart of Amazon Independent Publishing steps in and chats about KDP program that connects authors with the Kindle ecosystem and multitudes of Amazon clients.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

NYT bestselling author, C J Lyons, shares an insight about authors’ attitude of self-publishing. Her first excitement kicked in when she described the book fair as the chance to celebrate the “new renaissance in publishing.” Although American self-publishers started to embrace this trend sooner, British authors are not far behind in seeing the “truly paradigm-changing opportunity for authors.” The very opportunity is a blessing that gives the authentic authority in this contemporary modernity. Aside from self-governed quality assurance and heavy editing, authors are freed from being locked in a command-and-control environment, being told which writing style will be good for your audience. In the new environment of publishing, you are the maker, delivery person, and business owner. In other words, you are the awesome all-in-one entrepreneur.

Knowing Your Allies and Audience


Watching the remaining clips that reveal the David Gaughran and reintroduce the comeback of Orna with Choosing Self-Publishing Service 2013 reveals some of the home-brewed secrets about eBook marketing. For aspiring authors, you need to work harder to diversify your products, know your audience, and distinguish between the good and not-so-good retailers for your optimized distribution. David adds a practical tip to lessen self-publishers’ burden in production process by outsourcing the work that you do not have the skill for. Do take note, every essential detail counts when it comes to appealing your target audience from book cover to editing. Before finishing this blog post of the day, please allow me to leave you with the final advice from Ben Galley.

“What kind of personality traits or attributes do successful independent author needs?” inquired Joanna. “A business mind…aim as high as you can…and just do it,” responded Ben Galley.

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