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Retouch Your Novels through Adaptation into the Erotic

Posted on 2012-Oct-15

by BB eBooks Staff

Constructive Illusion


In the ideal world of constructive complements, people tend to automatically throw a big and dry smile to impress their counterparts each time they launch a new initiative. Authors are the skeptical and sensitive type of mortals who half expect to hear positive feedback from their readers after having invested so much time, money, and effort into building the entire kingdom for their alter ego’s existence.

Unforeseeable Disappointment


Perhaps, minor flaws are ignored in order to push their works into the forefront of attention in the showroom somewhere so that they can get over the burden of pressing the keyboard. Maybe, the plots did not go as well as originally planned but the deadline forced them to create a dissatisfactory ending to please the crowd.

Alternate Endings

Bestselling Elle Lothlorien must have gone through that burning disappointment in her profession yet she embarked on a new journey to reinvent her literary determination. With digital publishing, it facilitates her to reconsider the previous works in her portfolio. Her future publication will be retouched by her new inspiration to craft alternate endings. Participating fans can voice their desire to help the author fine-tune the book.



Apart from the adapted ending, she is launching her published works as an erotica eBook. Why erotica? Erotic literature has become an undeniable force for eBooks to rapidly and repeatedly attract the female readers. Although the book might contain similar settings and characters, the romantic element will be seasoned with different levels of intensity to be adjusted by her fans. The problem with the traditional publishing route is the organic relationship between authors and readers is not recognized since authors have only a one-way presentation to impress the reader. With a digital book, the two-way communication can be fostered effortlessly through the blogosphere.


Apart from writing fiction, the author takes to the blog to make a decision about her book promotion strategy. Selecting the book cover, she refers to Facebook statistics to make sure that it will most likely capture her fan’s interest instantly. Utilizing the customer service point of view enables her to understand both the positive and negative comments regarding her book reviews. Seen in this way, not only does she publicize her literary work as an author, Lothlorien also presents herself as someone who is willing to make the reading experience much more worthwhile by tackling her own flaws and taking them to the next level.

Expanded Horizon


Adapting is one way seen as a new direction for her to reinvent the characters to relive their lives. Imagine how her resourceful characters rethink the comedic element in their lives and discover several potentials to spice up their love life. For proficient authors creating new characters and setting might not be bothersome at all. However, if authors proficiently switch their genres while preserving the same characters and settings, the plot can have more depth due to the expansion of thoughts. Meanwhile the author can gain a new level of unfathomable familiarity to work on their existing ideas more comfortably.

With fairy tale classics in her catalogue, do not be fooled by the happy-ending boredom. Expect the stylized adaptation to exude affordable sensuality to be perfectly aligned with the most celebrated genre of today.

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