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The Red Carpet Arrival of eBooks

Posted on 2013-Feb-02

by BB eBooks Staff

Doomed Closures


In light of what happened to Barnes & Noble recently, some of you might not be surprised to anticipate the news of brick-and-mortar bookstores closure as reported by The Digital Reader. Referring to the response by B&N as reported by Business Insider, it seems ominous for B&N to have invested mega dollars in opening stores nationwide. According to its spokesperson, Mary Ellen Keating, it is hard to foresee any positive signs that the company might strategize any policy to avoid the bleeding loss anytime soon.

First Time Impression with Kindle Single


To rub salt in the bleeding wound, TeleRead writer opined how they enjoy the extensive collection on Amazon Kindle store as opposed to being a Nook owner. For the first time, the blogger’s excitement centers around Stephen King’s exclusive essay “Guns” that precisely presents the argument about the necessity of gun control. First time impression continued as the writer experimented with the share features and added how the exclusive collection could jeopardize its rival ecosystem.

Unstoppable Rise


Conversely, Amazon is on the constant rise in the wake of eBooks sales. Being the seller of physical and electronic books, it is undeniable that the latter picks up its fast-growing pace and outperform its elder sibling. Kindle books remain the poster child to bring wealth and fame to the company that also boasts of mass producing reasonably-priced tablets. The Kindle brood is expanding to meet the needs of general reader and multimedia curious users while its independent authors successfully top the charts worldwide. According to the latest press release, new services are being highlighted to showcase their success. For example, they launched Kindle Store in many countries with a wide selection of books in local languages. 23 KDP Select authors have contributed to the sales of over 250,000 of their books in 2012.

The Arrival of the eBook

Despite Amazon’s statement being over the moon about net sales increase, The Verge is trying to uncover what is really happening in business terminology. First things first: print book sales have experienced the lowest growth rate. Having been in the physical book business, Amazon is clearly moving away from print and embarking on digital eBook distribution. Jeff Bezos does not seem deterred by the fact that his physical books sales have not gone well. Second, the sale of eBooks might depend on e-Ink eReaders, as the estimated sales of tablets far exceeded its black-and-white eReader. Third, the digital media business enjoys dramatic increase “year to year.” Regardless of the curious observation how Amazon might allegedly overstate their successful earnings, eBooks seem to be a preferable choice based on the combined sales of eReaders and tablets that bring convenience to readers right into their home.

Seeing is Believing


Seeing is believing. In order to truly understand how Amazon is performing well year after year, one might have to put their hands on its notable eReaders. You might want to skip hearing all about non-reflective screen and eye-friendly displays. However, you cannot overlook the massive store that virtually has every title of your dreams. Although it might be still considered a heated debate to elaborate which eReaders or tablets are here to stay, one thing for sure that rapidly grabs our attention is the red carpet arrival of eBooks that not only intimidates physical book sales, but also promotes the access digital media that paves the way to more possibilities within the eBook framework and ecosystem. Hopefully, EPUB 3.0 is the new face of eBook standard in the new future. At BB eBooks, we see the potential in eBook technology and invest our time and energy in learning this new standard. We will you keep updated when the EPUB3 sample file is ready for you.

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