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Practicality in Daily Motion with eBooks

Posted on 2012-Aug-31

by BB eBooks Staff

What is your latest romance relationship with books? When was the last time you courted (grabbed) new books from the bookstore? Or have you just had secret flings with erotic bestsellers wirelessly?

Books as Misfit Toys?


I would like to start with these questions in particular to see how you are getting on with your voluminous reading collection. First and foremost, an article about “books as misfit toys” sounds to me a little tricky how books can be considered as misfit as a gift not to mention being toys. The writer presents us with figures and numbers how eBooks sales records have surpassed the printed books in many areas. Metaphorically, he demystifies his argument through word count dislike of which is not our focus today.

Daily Usage

Numbers and Days

The sweet tales of the rise of eBooks could go on and on. However, when it boils down to the practicality of daily usage in the writer’s profession, the portability of the flexible format wins a favor in his heart so fervently. Take his real-life working circumstance for an instance, being able to travel with a laptop and an eBook reader eases his writer’s burden to simultaneously research and produce. Had he carried the weight of unputdownable references, he could have been less incompetent in the world of touch and go.

Kindle the Best Assistant

Kindle is viewed as his best assistant to look up any reliable information for his next fiction project. Isn’t “mobile office” what we want after all in the tech-savvy world that new currents of information are streamed into your whiteboard inasmuch as human’s blinking frequency? During your shortest leg of vocational retreat, you can even get away with browsing through your competitor’s catalogue by switching on the 3G connection and swiping across the collection.

Success Stories


The writer’s misfit argument about the word count supremacy might be debatable in certain genres of writing. However, it has become a norm for several writers to produce the smaller volume of their works and successfully serializes the work through online retailer. Amanda Hocking and Stephen Leather found fame in their success story sailing on the same route of self-publishing. Stephen had his rejected novellas republished whereas Amanda used the rejection letter as an aspiration to be successful and earned record-breaking fame.

Being Independently Irresistible


Perhaps, you may have heard a series of similar stories in your memory or been through difficult times like they have. Do not give up. Make great use of every tiny bit of the existing materials you have accumulated according to your self-study curiosity and turn the crises into your resourceful advantage. Experiment with 8 tools to create an ‘irresistible eBook’. It is up to you to decide when to become independently stronger in your own unique capacity.

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