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Pin Your Interest with Beautiful Photos

Posted on 2013-Feb-04

by BB eBooks Staff

Have You Ever Pinned?


If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t you pin them all. Having poured my blood and sweat energizing Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, and Google+ pluses lately, it has become the habitual denial to ignore other possible creative channels. Despite the active communication and idea generation via the two chart-toppers, text-centric presentation might limit the visually featured artwork.

Book Promotion via Pinterest


Thanks to Lindsay Buroker who pointed out the significance of promote books on photo-sharing site, Pinterest, my experience on the site is filled with excitement. For those experienced pinners, please bear with me to explore the many possibilities what pictures can do. Comparing to the widely known Google Images, what sets Pinterest apart in image search is not how relevant the result is. The variety of results on Pinterest presents a fine selection handpicked by users and shows popularity rate based on how frequent the photos are liked and repinned. Seeing what type of media attracts the most attention can provide the best clue of what your design will be like. According to Pinterest, you can pin to “redecorate your home, plan a wedding, find your style, save your inspirations, and save your recipes.” Furthermore, their goal is to connect everyone through the ‘things’ they find interesting. A book is one of the interesting examples!

5 Most Repins


According to this website dated back in January last year, the top 5 most repins will give you quick summary of what pinners are interested in. A quote by unknown writer philosophizing love was repined 52,925 times. The Huffington Post used to discuss the glory of Pinterest by introducing 15 Most Popular Repins of All Time. In case you wonder what the pinners appreciate, the art of gastronomy bombards the list with tasty photos of mouth-watering food and Olympian God’s ambrosia concoction.

Popular Page Where Celebrities Populate

For experienced pinners, these statistics might allow you to find out whether your pin is in the most popular category or not. Apparently, Food & Drink leads the group where DIY & Crafts trails far behind leaving the rest receiving the remaining categories equal share of percentage. For authors, this link will direct you to the popular page where Films, Music, and Books are packed together. First things you might notice are different faces of charming celebrities and musicians gracing the top page ranging from Rupert Grint to Patsy Cline. Fortunately, there are vacant places for book covers to be discovered through smooth page scrolling. Although it might be a bit difficult to list all the books in the result, I found the search experience on Pinterest can be addictive especially when you are looking for inspiration.

Genre-specific Keywords


In prior to learning about locating the popular page, I sneaked a peek at Lindsay Buroker’s artwork and bluntly typed the literal keyword “book.” I simply found amazing feats of book covers wall to stroll and loiter endlessly. “eBook” is my next interest to find how the catalogue of eBooks are arranged here. So far, the hashtag followed by Kobo dominates the entire screen hiding other pinners’ works and pushing Amazon Kindle titles towards the bottom. I went back to the original source of information, and tried to understand the significance of using the hashtags. Based on the searches in books and eBooks, my humble opinion signals that these two keywords are powerful leads for general readers and viewers.

Discoverability Boost


For curious searchers who do not know the title of the book and author’s name, incorporating significant keywords can expose them to a higher chance of discoverability. The platform itself allows your book to be featured alongside with useful description in the form of anchored caption. Scrolling up and down the page is the entertaining experience for users who either look for new inspiration and information. Nonetheless, to get the most from SEO optimization to boost your discoverability requires, you should write specific keywords for your particulars. Who knows? You might find niche audience or a professional illustrator on this site.

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