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The Ultimate Reading Experience

Posted on 2012-Oct-01

by BB eBooks Staff

eReader or Technological Savior


Perhaps, you are reluctant to buy an eReader just because of an array of tempting smartphones or palm-sized tablets that have dominated the current tech market. You might doubt why you need to bet more money on another gadget when your phone can do pretty much the same task.

Book Reading Pleasure


With most companies chasing after the most beautiful gadget production line, they tend to ignore what most readers care about: the reality of book reading pleasure. Regardless of the comparison between print books and eBooks, it is undeniable that physical books surpass their electronic siblings with unlimited battery life, virtually no glaring light (if the book is not read in direct sunshine), or the touch and feel of paper-made materials. Somehow, convenience always comes first even when wireless solutions can literally open doors to an expanding encyclopedia.

eInk’s Killer Features

While other manufacturers look for different ways to bring the highest color reproduction out of their devices, Amazon sticks to their roots by upgrading their e-Ink slate to be as close to the print book as possible. The non-glaring screen, assistive light, killer battery capacity, and light weight make portability a pleasant priority when it comes to reading. Imagine reading books anytime without worrying about the daily charge and disturbing back-lit screen in the night time.



Amazon’s Paperwhite claims itself to be ‘the ultimate reading experience’ offering a long list of new improvements over its Kindle predecessors. The name itself constitutes the reader’s confidence that the latest eReader’s contrast would be as good as paper. Apart from displaying exceptional texts on screen, the non-reflective light promises no eye strain even when reading in a low-light environment. The power efficiency enables the eReader to be a daily companion for avid readers who can read their favorite collection for 30 minutes up to 8 weeks consecutively.

Digital Ecosystem Rundown


While discussing the comparison between digital ecosystems, the Verge encapsulates Amazon’s strong presence in the eBook market. iPad’s business ventures are doing fine in the magazine product line whereas Android-powered handsets offer a variety of products for reading. Needless to say, buyers have their personal preference of what devices can give them the best features. Please do not lose hope in the simplicity of reading an inspiring literature be it any form.

Your Testimony

We strongly encourage our friends of readers and authors to step forward and tell us what their bedtime reading will be. We hope you can also share the favorite moment your books change your life or bring you the new wisdom from afar.

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