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New For Clients and Video Section

Posted on 2013-Mar-07

by Paul Salvette

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Often, our clients write to us asking us a wide variety of questions ranging from technical concerns to trying to understand all the available publishing and marketing options they have. While we are always happy to provide answers to the best of our ability via email, we realized that we were doing a real disservice by not sharing this information publicly. On our new For Clients page, you will find many answers to questions you may have. We hope that it is useful and please let us know if there is something missing that you would like to see.

Additionally, we received some feedback that our first run of videos weren’t as good as they could be. While we don’t expect to win any Oscars, we do want to create video tutorials that will be useful for your publishing endeavors. So we have a new team member, Aob, who has experience with video editing. Please have a look at our video section to help walk you through previewing your eBook as well as publishing on Amazon’s KDP and Smashwords.

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