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ePublishers Getting Acquainted with V(ideoB)ook

Posted on 2012-Nov-25

by BB eBooks Staff

Unsurprising Rumor


The rumored mergers game and competition between publishers is far from over just when we think of their bestsellers have secured the strong position in the chart. News Corp. is said to pursue the courtship with Simon & Schuster to stay competent in the business. Despite the failed attempt to share house with Penguin, Rupert Murdoch’s publishing arm continues to seek a new partner to increase their negotiating authority with the online retailers.

Leading Self-publishers at Miami Book Fair


Perhaps, they should wake up to reality that indie authors have become more current and relevant in practice. Smashwords’ Mark Coker and Vook’s Matt Cavnar are invited to Miami Book Fair as one the panels which were long before reserved for influential publishers. The tide has changed its course as the DIY route is seen as a new standard for authors and how they can be successful self-publishers.

In Coker’s own words, he tweets the news announcement:


The Helping Hand for ePublishers


Since Smashwords has been familiarized by readers and writers, you might wonder how Matt Cavnar got involved in the panel discussion at the book fair. Vook’s Vice President of Business Development enthusiastically shared his business model through his interview with Digital Book World last year. This year he comes back stronger with more tailor-made presentation that will directly benefit authors. Based on the preliminary interest technology, he said that a digital book is a better way to get information. In the interview, he opines how experts from two different media operations could work together and come up with something so cool.

Introducing the Cult of Vook

The comparison between last year interview and this year presentation is Vook’s critical tools to style your text presentation with HTML5, CSS compiler, and extensible templating engine. The cloud-based ePublishing combines their strength as an outsourcing partner to work with publishers and a publisher to showcase their products. The latter echoes loudly among indie authors who might want to make great use of their editing function to produce a better eBook with nicely designed reflowable texts. Consult their service for further information on the royalties calculation.

Diverse Discoverability


Although Vook is a good pal of major publishers, the idea to eliminate the frustration over producing the eBook for different platforms and retaining the signature styling sheet is a thoughtful initiative. Based on what I saw in his presentation to format the book, the MS Word tab and ribbon makes it easy for authors who want to create their eBook as quick and simple as possible. However, please be advised that creating well-structured HTML automatically though Word rarely works well. With multiple format creation for different mobile devices, there is no doubt about your book being distributed through various marketplaces. What sets them apart is the web-based experience that facilitates readers in offline reading when the book can be “cacheable.” One great thing about the book being produced as HTML webpage is the data becoming entirely “Google-searchable” giving you the finer edge over other books.

If you need assistance getting your manuscript turned into HTML, BB eBooks offers a wide range of services to help you achieve this.

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