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Hard-earned Reputation and Industrious Anticipation

Posted on 2013-Mar-26

by BB eBooks Staff

Unorthodox Methodology


Despite the growth of credible sources that provides the best advice to indie authors, doubts and uncertainty in an entrepreneurial business model still rule over their decision-making ability whether to go DIY and/or the traditional route. Authors seem skeptical of the way they perfect their profession, make ends meet, and adapt to the new era of freely independent publishing. Unorthodox methodology becomes scare tactics that weigh in the inability of foreseeing the profitable future. For several authors, changes might be the number one obstacle that prevents you from experimenting with different marketing strategies to make your book(s) visible to the world.

While reaching out to your experts’ advice in the field, be prepared to hear the answers that vary according to personal experience. Joe Konrath, the successful indie author, uses his latest blog to offer his advice and encourage other authors to try their best and succeed.

Instigating Accusation


In the beginning of his latest, Joe allows himself to addresses his followers’ concerns and voices his honest opinion the way he thinks rather than offer crowd-pleasing rationalization. Based on the series of questions posted here, it is obvious that he has been buried alive under the snowstorm of requests and hailstorm of allegations. It is easy enough for him to be painted as a “liar” or “hypocrite” when that person does not live up to the expectation and is resistant to change. If traditional publishing has made him so much money, how can he ever abandon the potential success and walk away from alluring contract deals that publishers might have showered them? If money is so important, how can refusal be a part of his yearning clarification to remain independent?

Four Important Things

4 Fingers

Before getting into bits and pieces of honest revelation, he shares the not-so-secret promotional tips that fundamentally rely on Four Important Things: great book, great cover, great description, and reasonable price. Apart from those, you should not stop looking for external promoter’s assistance. Evidently, social media websites can widely attract fans but never forget to try different methods of book promotion. Authors need to be flexible in adjusting their techniques to make sure that their books will be seen by many.

The Importance of “Edumacation”

Regarding the decision-making prowess to work traditionally or independently, “edumacation” is part of the vital process necessary to prevent authors from signing their life away. Each time you are approached by influential representatives from publishing houses to make exclusive deals for your book, give it some thought and dig up the blogosphere what you deserve to get rather than what you must accept. The choice in yours and you live in an amazing age where cooperative effort makes the community of indie writers so strong.

Business Owner’s Hybrid Negotiation


Thanks to Lindsay Buroker who has led me to Dean Wesley Smith, who definitely brings some weight in indie publication. The vivid description of the indie publishing model straightforwardly empowers authors with authority. In this optimistic scenario, authors will not be underrated by traditional publishers. They are not “beggars” waiting for charitable portion; instead ,they are business owners who comes equipped with negotiating power to grant your product’s right to the highest bidder. Best of all, they represent their own product bypassing the middleman’s interference. It is apparent that self-publishers can shed financial burdens in paying for upfront costs or pay as little as possible. Joe Konrath voices similar tone in securing a hybrid deal but warn about your hard-earned rights before giving it away. Why bother giving your profit margin away when you can earn exclusive royalties?

Debunking Misconception


Having read between the lines, the concern about badmouthing prompts him to offer unorthodox opinion. Misconception happens all the time and it gets to the point that he is “proud of not caring” about biased criticism. There are bright and dark sides of the internet and the deeper you dig deeper into the darker side, the worse state of mind you are likely to adopt given the circumstance that the eBook competition may get a little rough. Perhaps, what authors should do is to develop positive thinking by focusing on their work, collaborating, and seeking advice from their colleagues. “Envy is poison. So are jealousy, guilt, worry, and regret. If you catch yourself doing any of these, try to stop,” he adds.

Subduing Piracy


If piracy is one of your biggest worries that stops you from publishing eBooks, Joe sets the record straight. In his own belief, piracy through file sharing has existed and always will. To put simply, the “Internet” was established to share information. Look up the term on Wikipedia and search in page to be in awe how many times the keyword “share” pops up here and there. If you cannot compete with piracy, think positively of it as your promoter and utilize your distributing portal to deliver better product quality and services. He opines that cost and convenience will be a good way to subdue piracy. By flexibly lowering the price of your book and have your book available as many places as possible, readers will be less likely to depend on the pirate’s sites.

Cooperative Integrity to Offer Help


It has been an incredible journey setting sail towards Joe’s island full of informative fruits and labor. Being seasoned with his honest storytelling, this interesting piece of self-publishing knowledge once again validates the author’s audacity to take on the challenge. For hybrid solution, the depressing ‘slush pile’ era of yore that blew many fine works into oblivion has long passed. Now comes the time that authorial voices are cherished and heard rather than sympathized and patronized. Although the vagueness of luck might not be on your side today, it is easy enough to refer to his first response of appreciation that he feels like contributing to the world and paying it forward. In fact, any community and society needs this type of integrity to develop the better future that all members can share and offer help to those in need with “two hands outstretched.”

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