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The Growth of eBook Reading

Posted on 2012-Jun-23

by BB eBooks Staff

Reading is one of the obligations people find it natural to do every day. From the invigorating moment you wake up to the hibernating tranquility before bed, you read all sorts of things from web articles to e-books with the growing ambition to learn new information, appreciate imaginative creation, and expand your horizon.

With the popular ascension of e-reading devices, the painstaking impatience of waiting for your favorite books to be shelved at the store or shipped to your house is over. Crisp and clear texts in electronic form for optimal readability are presented on the eye-friendly screen so compact that the reader can access the valued information anytime and anywhere without worrying about the burden of weight as in the printed materials.

Aside from the reader’s perspective, the growing demand of e-book market remains open and challenging for writers who need to reach their mass market quickly and cost-efficiently. Pew Internet & American Life Project's survey shows how the astounding 43% of the American readers aged 16 and older have read electronically in the past year.

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