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Extra Outreach Equals to Extra Opportunity

Posted on 2012-Oct-17

by BB eBooks Staff

Assiduous Writing


Having sat down in front of your computer staring at the glowing energy-efficiency monitor continually, what do you make of your assiduous writing? Creation of words is your efficient and satisfactory input pouring out from your brain at the end of the day. Esoteric and surreal images and settings flow from your imaginative reservoir like streams of consciousness rushing towards your daily goals accomplishment. Eventually, putting words into cash is your number one priority to live creatively and happily at the end of the month.

Repetition, Repetition


Writing is your second instinct to naturally transform any interaction and conception into cohesive words whereas rereading and rewriting will automatically become your hobbies to constantly improve manuscript. It is a repetitive process for authors who are prone to health risks due to their exposure to fatigued activities. But once finished, you have an obligatory sense of duty to sell those words on multiple distributing channels to make sure that your labor will be productively rewarded.

Golden Bandwagon


To jump onto the golden bandwagon, I congratulate many of you who found success through digital publication with major retailers. Consider these percentages and see for yourself why eBooks will lead you to the right direction as the productive growth skyrockets over 251.5% in YA eBooks sales. YA and Erotica seem to genres that sell very well in the eBook form.

eBooks in Bundles


Back in August, our newsletter mentioned how Storybundle proposed the new initiatives for readers to reward their favorite authors by deciding how much they should pay for their novels on top of the minimum requirement of $7. Unfortunately, the site has fulfilled their duties and temporarily suspended their bundle offers according to their front page. However, The Humble eBook Bundle strikes back with the similar service but this time enables the readers to customize their spending to pay authors, charity, and the tip for the site. Readers are encouraged to pay more than the average $13.26 to unlock extra books. The counter on the top constantly reminds you of the ongoing bundles sold. For eBook authors, you need to fill in eBook Submission Form in order to have your eBooks included in the next bundle offer. So far 60,300+ bundles have been sold and the number keeps increasing.

Digital Collaboration


The organizers and authors are extremely satisfied with the purchases according to Publishers Weekly. Most importantly, The Humble Bundle has brought back the concept of team effort plus the philanthropic initiatives to help others with reader’s passion. The team effort means that authors are not alone in strategizing marketing campaign when teaming up with like-minded colleagues. Donation to non-profit organization is seen as an initiative to motivate the readers to spend more money on a good cause at their volition. Chances are your marketing burden can be alleviated if you join forces with the right person. Be confident to experiment negotiating with different providers and see which suits you best. We are ready to work with you closely no matter where you go on this digital frontier.

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