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The Evolution of eBook Reading

Posted on 2013-Aug-09

by BB eBooks Staff

eBooks Gaining Ground in Germany


Traveling back in time this year, phenomenal adoption of eBooks in several countries promised a rosy future of eBook discoverability and visibility. The German eBook market, according to, skyrocketed while they continually expanded their eBook catalog from 404,000 to 668,000. Although German Kindle Store was launched in 2011, the overall eBook market in Germany seemed to go under the radar until TeleRead brought it back again to our attention.

The Interview with #1 Bestseller Self-Publisher Victoria Veel


The brief interview with #1 bestselling author in German Kindle store-Victoria Veel-sheds some light how the eBook market in German operates. Unlike the U.S. and U.K. bestseller charts where mystery/thriller genre novels typically dominate the market, erotica and romance titles fill up the entire Top 20 in Germany reflecting the majority of reader’s preference. With the delirious aftertaste of E. L James’ books, there is no doubt how erotica has become much more socially accepted. Veel’s novel somehow uses the good chemistry between erotic and romance to appeal to readers. Being the #1 bestsellingr author does not stop her from building everything from the ground up. Apart from self-publishing her book, she’s willing to set up her own website and social media account. In the near future, she plans to publish her novel in English.

The Exploding Popularity of Audiobooks


To think of eBooks as mere texts and pictures is an understatement in the latest adoption of eBooks. The audiobook industry is growing in its own right at a much faster pace than expected. According to Good E Reader, 13,255 titles have been in released in 2012 up from 4,602 in 2009. Anthony Goff, VP of Hachette Audio, said that the sales have increased 31% this spring since “everybody has an audio book player in their pocket at this point.” World War Z will be released in audio version with 40 cast members according to its author, Max Brooks. The biggest platform for audiobook so far remains Audible offering more than 26,000 audiobooks with the rate of adding up to new 1,000 titles per month. If readers happen to buy the eBook and audiobook, they can synchronize the reading progress and switch to either medium of their choice. For example, they can put the Kindle down and continue listening to the audiobook where they have left off on the Kindle.

Amazon the Screen Maker?

Just when you enjoy reading your favorite eBook on eReaders, this article from Quartz might blow your mind and irritate your brain with “meh” and “nay.” What if Amazon can come up with their killer e-Ink screen to supply their next-generation tablets and eReaders? With screens that features longer battery life and resistance to direct sunlight, we can forget the major players in the market for a moment if Amazon’s breakthrough prototype is actually being built in their secret lab. What do you really need from your future eReaders? Are you willing to pay for a non-reflective screen device as a supplementary tool in addition to your multitasking tablet?


The eBook market in Germany seems to indicate the surging demand of erotica and romance. What is not so surprising is how a self-publisher must work hard 24/7 to promote their books. The bestselling title is a testimony that indie can beat against the odds and good writing sells itself. Although Victoria Veel has no presence on social media and website, her commitment to establish a more solid brand and spread her wings internationally reflects the best practice that every indie author is good at. Like it or not, audiobooks are becoming more popular among readers. Audible is your vocal sanctuary to explore new opportunities in the emerging market among multi-tasking readers. Last but not least, the game of wait and see in the tech world is so common that we can hardly pay attention especially when new devices are thrust into mass production every quarter. Nevertheless, had it not been the Kindle, we would not have familiarized ourselves with reading 24/7.

While waiting for the killer screen production to be concretized, we would like to introduce you to our sister site, Substance B, where you can explore free eBook samples from your favorite genre novelists. Happy reading everyone!

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