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Digital Reorganization

Posted on 2012-Oct-08

by BB eBooks Staff

pBooks vs. eBooks


The physical touch and feel of books and the digitized value of portable eBooks format sounds to me like an ongoing war between two capitalist powerhouses. Perhaps, there will be no winner in this competition considering that books are traditionally preserved for passionate readers who may or may not be able to get hold of electronic reading devices. eReader owners belong similarly in that category but they are increasingly aware of the convenience that technology has upstaged our surroundings.

Portability and Visibility


With a Kindle in his palm, Evan Schnittman, Hachette Book Group’s chief marketing officer, is reading the same On Chesil Beach as the woman sitting next to him. The only difference was his broader reading collection on the Kindle enabled him to read many more whereas the woman’s physical choice limits herself to one. Yet, he envied her actual bookshelf—so full of favorite books as opposed to his untouchable (no pun intended) digitized variety. Nevertheless, a diverse market allows books to be displayed in the bookstores as showrooms and specifically persuades eBook lovers to shop and buy with technological ease.



Four months have passed. Schinittman signals a significant move towards the digital market by conducting an internal reorganization at Hachette. While several positions were added into the existing sales workforce, it is undeniable that the effort will focus on an “ever-shifting world, where digital has made a deep and lasting impression” according to the company’s public statement in March.

Technological Investment


Harper Collins also foresaw the rise of the digital marketplace. Although they did not invest a fortune in shuffling or hiring staff, employees were offered loans to buy new gadgets to “upskill people in the digital space” so that their UK team could spend some quality time with this technological upgrade. Hopefully, they can understand better what the actual customer’s behavior is like. Content development is part of the dream that they want to achieve to make sure that they will stay relevant in this market.

Bookmakers’ Metamorphoses

These metamorphoses symbolize significant moves toward a digital book market that publishers have invested in. Both players need to get closer to the current readership. Although results will take some time, their organic development highlights the partnership with digital solutions that has become essential.

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