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Content Marketing for Authors

Posted on 2012-Oct-10

by BB eBooks Staff


Marketing is a puzzling realm in itself. Why? Each and every one of us was born with the passion to approach people, communicate ideas, and convince them to execute certain actions since our early age whether being admitted to school, asking for directions, or buying a favorite snack from the supermarket. Our skills were enhanced by our parents and the surroundings to better respond to the world’s needs properly. It is a significant mission to make sure that people obtain the accurate information based on our presentational skills or we are left behind. In order to accomplish those goals, we smile, think, and talk cohesively and logically. But why aren’t we qualified marketers in our own right? The answer lies deep in content marketing as its advent could define ‘how’ we present ourselves as a successful product.

Window Shopping


For old school buyers, they can probably spend hours on window shopping and rely on commercials to buy their favorite products. However, limited understanding of the product might lead them to dissatisfactory solutions and such a time-consuming endeavors might weaken their patience to get the product they want. The might simply end up buying a bestseller in the bookstore based on the salesperson’s recommendation rather than a book that inspires their motivation. Instead of searching for inspiration, a buyer is calculatedly manipulated to pitch somebody else’s sales.

Smart Buyers


Traditional direct marketing and door-to-door strategies seem less relevant these days and advertising sounds intrusively bugging rather than appealing. Why? In the wake of high-speed data exchange, buyers are empowered so vigorously that they become a market researcher to analyze their desires and come up with their probable solution of where to look for the best or most cost-effective service provider or trustworthy seller. With an array of high-tech devices in your palm, you can probably pull up hundreds of reviews and results of how many likes and dislikes the book you are buying has garnered, how it attracts real people across geographical location and socioeconomic background, and what impacts it has towards the reader in general.

The Advent of Content marketing

Referring to The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing by Scribe, content marketing has all the information you need to be the seller of valued information that your potential customers are seeking. To sit and write to attract random clientele will eventually lower your search engine’s rank because your presentation lacks the relevancy. That is why optimization is a powerful concept that fully enhances your marketing strategy to focus on the target audience and simultaneously increase your popularity on the search page. As previously mentioned, since buyers are more knowledgeable about their purchasing decision and fully aware of alternatives, we must tailor our presentations based on their preference while staying relevant to the current market.

Building Content to Build Credibility

There is a lot of work to be done to promote you and your content as an interconnected brand according to the guide. But when it boils down to the basics, it is your content that stands above any element. In the content, you must research the market well enough and embed links to enhance your topic's credibility. Your buyer’s problems or needs must be addressed to ensure two-way communication. Search engine spiders must pick up the high-value keywords or links to benefit your search ranking. Emails directly bring you closer to your buyer.

Social Media

Social media becomes the loudspeaker for your maximum exposure to new customers to take your content forward to the world of unstoppable interaction. The communication platform, evolving from the one-dimensional chat room, brings endless opportunities to your brand. With a little help from your acquaintances and your followers in your networked list, your content is broadcast endlessly through concurrent activity of likes, retweets, favorites, mentions, or pluses, etc.

Constant Improvement


Polishing the content is the ongoing practice that every marketer should care. The guide mentions the agile approach to start simple content, understand that it needs improvement, and learn from feedback to develop. To be successful in content marketing is to put your material out and objectively and progressively adapt to the current market. Eugene Schwartz, the famous copywriter, suggests that we read everything in the world—even junk—to learn the actual language which people are conversing.

Agile Practicality


I take the liberty and space to divert your attention from the publishing industry in this blog for a reason. Essentially, your writing proficiency and self-publishing efforts must be driven by strategic promotion. For authors, the initial step of your production is achieved by a complete set of manuscripts sitting on your worktable or electronic book stored in your hard drive. The following step of book promotion might reach certain potentials yet needs to garner more attention from the reader. To achieve the profitable distribution, we strongly believe that this guide will enable you to create quality content that maximizes your exposure to the reader and attract new potential readers through agile practicality.

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