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Posted on 2012-Sep-24

by BB eBooks Staff


If books had lips, they would have sung love songs or given a speech about how they could revolutionize the world. Of course, the imaginary utopia lies somewhere in this planet so far-reaching that it becomes a pain for indie authors’ novels to be recognized, analyzed, and advertised.

Self-promotional Alternatives


Many of our customers sent the queries asking for reviewers who can examine their works prior to selling. The joy of celebrating a new publication might be cut short when your books are exposed to fewer people than expected. Apart from your literary agent or friends, your book is a hidden treasure among other valuable millions on the online bookstore. To differentiate your book from the rest, you must develop an efficient PR strategy. Hiring a publicist might quickly identify channels to get connected with the press. Unless you plan to invest a lot of money, let’s explore different alternatives to keep self-promotional endeavors low-cost.

Press Release Submission

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The traditional guidelines from PR agencies propose that submitting a press release and review copies to the trade press is not such a bad idea. You might want to research about literary bloggers and ask them directly whether they can consider reviewing your book. Perhaps, contacting your Twitter/Facebook followers and asking them for help is the initial place to start.

Review Template and List of Reviewers


If you still cannot convince anybody to review your book proactively, consult Rachel Abbott’s blog for a 1-2-3 quick fix how to get the name list of major reviewers separated by interested genres. Rachel is so generous to share her book review template to make sure all of the precise information is contained within a 1-page document. Here is the fast track to her template in PDF.

Free Advertisement

Keep working hard in order to reach quality reviewers whether they be newspaper, literary magazines, or websites. Use their comments to further contact the key players such as bookstores, reviewers, or publishers. Please bear in mind that as long as “reviews get attention,” “bad publicity is still publicity” in free advertisement.

Sharing your novel projects with Goodreads and Booktown bookworms might generate constructive comments since they are constantly updating their to-read list. Can you believe that some of my Goodreads friends have reviewed and rated more than 693 books? Sign in with your synchronized Facebook or Twitter account to expand your list, explore what book or genre is currently trending, and send the message to your potential reviewer. Do let us know which channels work best for you from time to time.

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