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Posted on 2012-Nov-09

by BB eBooks Staff

From the moment that we set up our website, we were busy with establishing ourselves as one of the most trustworthy eBook designers on the blogosphere. We worked very hard to make sure that our affordable services would benefit independent authors and small presses so they can make the eBook industry a more challenging place.

Our pace goes slow but steadily. The first section we tried to solidify is Developers where it has become a learning center for authors to gain the quickest understanding what eBook packaging is all about. To truly master all the tidbits of tips and tricks and professionally design the electronic book, it might take some time to accomplish this goal. However, for instance, the comments at the bottom of the page clearly speak a thousand words how much an eBook means to your educational purpose.

Week by week, our blogs have garnered attention while gathering all the relevant updates in the industry. Free eBooks are showcased to demonstrate how we transform texts into reflowable content to fit any screen. The conversion of several classical novels into eBook format also highlights some of the formatting features to enhance the storytelling experience.

Since technology never stops, we are busily active in providing the best solution for books. Our social media platforms attract new followers as they generously open endless doors to our small business’s opportunities. We strongly believe in self-study that has allowed us to share the practical step-by-step manuals with you and be a part of your success behind the scenes.

Our continued effort—designing all of the literary works of all genres—has finally been recognized by several authors. To be able to thank our supporters with words might be an understatement. Therefore, the newly developed Portfolio is dedicated to acknowledging our special bond with them and encouraging the authors whose works are in progress.

If you are one of our clients who is interested in having your work showcased in the BB eBooks tutorial, please drop us a line.

Have a perfect weekend!

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