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New EPUB and KindleGen Tutorial Released

Posted on 2012-Jul-13

by Paul Salvette


At BB eBooks we are committed to supporting the eBook development community in order to provide better standards for digital publications. Rather than relying on bloated software to “magically” create eBooks, we build all eBooks for our clients from the ground up with an attentive eye toward standards and quality. We know that there are other eBook developers who feel the same way and are frustrated with poor-quality eBooks and disappointing readers.

That is why today we are releasing a 10,000-word guide on creating EPUB eBooks and MOBI/KF8 eBooks available online. The guide is a bit technical, but we hope that it is easy to understand for people who take eBook design seriously.

The following is available for free for your eBook development endeavors:

Your feedback on how to improve this tutorial is most welcome. Thank you for your time.

Label: Technical and Design

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