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How My Ideas and Creativity Are Formulated

Posted on 2012-Aug-15

by BB eBooks Staff

Writing in the Old Days

In order to show our dear reader how we are capable of working with Thai text, I made the decision to write a new short story about a stray dog I have seen lurking in front of my house in the recent weeks. Quoting somebody else’s work was deemed an assignment too easy today.

Just when I sat chained to the chair and wrote creatively this morning, it did not mean that I totally cooked up some stories within a few hours. Of course, for a while I have conscientiously thought about the image of the dog I saw walking here and there among the company of growling beasts. In my mind, I picked up some names and relevant stories and linked them with the possible misfortune that may have occurred to my characters in this current climate of unemployment as seasoned by pet abandonment.

In the beginning paragraph, I gleaned the utopian introduction while trying to solidify the four-legged protagonist’s existence. There the imaginative creativity, paralleled with painful reality, begins to take shape in the form of stories within stories. For the past few days when I started seeing how the miserable Terrier roamed the paved street without the owner’s presence, the idea of asking what-ifs and maybes always presents itself to expand reality bit by bit.

My calm self-reassurance was broken yesterday when the dog walked slowly as his hair was so messy with globs of dirt. My mother went out and tried to feed him but he was nowhere to be found. Then the moment of enlightenment dawned on me as I was greatly inspired enough to write a short about the lost pet that had the courage to live and survive. Although there was no proper beginning and ending yet, I felt obligated to connect my brief encounter with this poor dog with the bigger collaged stock photos in my mind and turn them into readable materials worth mentioning. Meaning: I will start writing my first short story to share with the public audience for the first time.

Even though poetry is my preferred storytelling, prose comes naturally through journaling curiosity to capture the organic essence of everyday observation. Instead of writing one long story, I plan to surprise our reader in the coming days and hope to hear some feedback. Although the story is purely baked in Thai and I am voicing my thoughts in English at the moment, the idea and creativity formulating process are there between the lines. Leave your comments to share your daily inspiration. Following great thinkers on Twitter helps me expand my visual imagination through the intriguing 140-word formation.

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