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Can Hazlitt Save the Publishing Industry?

Posted on 2012-Aug-28

by BB eBooks Staff


Many people, including our own company – BB eBooks, have spoken about the beleaguered publishing industry and how it must innovate to survive. Random House of Canada reincarnates itself in the form of virtual eReading portal called Hazlitt to bring new experience to reading. The content tends to flow charmingly alongside with the movement of the pointing device. Hazlitt Originals digitizes the content formerly designed and printed in the traditional output (i.e. paper) into an e-magazine.

Virtual Marketplace

The electronic version of a book penned by Patrick Graham stares hopefully at the reader’s conviction that publisher’s website has also been turned to slick portal to attract the eReader lovers. Plenty of links to major online retailers such as Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, and Google Play are wrapped up by the white color that seems to highlight the text rather than the intricate animation or funky design. These links decrease the publisher’s monopoly as the sole distributor of the book; they become more flexible than ever to support the reader’s buying decisions.

Writer-centric Establishment

Apart from gathering all the latest updates in the writing industry, Hazlitt garners attention from daily curiosity to self-promotional celebrities who light up the white background exclusively. Most importantly, the interview with novelists and insiders makes exploring the site worth every look and like by connecting the reader’s passion with its writer-centric establishment.

Irvine Welsh Embracing Pop Culture

Irvine Welsh

A video interview with Irvine Welsh marks the cornerstone of reinstating the novelist as the public figure who voices their consciousness. He embraces pop culture extensively in his writing and through his prose. Characterization is undeniably derived from the writer’s existence. Scenes from the interview give the impression of being an indie film starring the influential actor who shares his commercial success in a friendly manner.

Publisher’s Transformation


Without a doubt, the profit margin of eBooks is expanding and more authors are reinventing themselves as self-publishers. However, Random House of Canada demonstrates how it adapts to this new environment of book sales and indie publishing by offering something of value. Its “new flagship digital habitat”, Hazlitt, transforms reflowable reading materials to serve as a literary center for everyone to enjoy. Having been the selector of quality content provider themselves, the distribution of their eBooks seems to promise future projects that can be sent directly to you as a reader within a matter of seconds since anything can be interesting.

A Bookstore that Integrates Technology

Bookstore 2

Besides major publishing houses, bookstores have taken a hit with the eBook revolution. Although, an article from the Irish Times might give you a comprehensive summary of how self-publishers can work with bookstores. Although we have discussed many times before how the rise of eBooks would grow unstoppably, it is a novel approach from Eason bookstore in Ireland that impresses us with the brick and mortar shop’s makeover decision. The bookstore transforms itself into the meeting point for book lovers as the eReader space bridges the gap between physical and digital book solutions. Readers can shop for their eReading device while downloading bestsellers via Wi-Fi from its website. The seamless technology allows the text itself to generate higher revenues for emerging authors as well as expose reader to the endless possibility through reading. Let’s read an eBook, shall we?

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