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Dean Wesley Smith on Book Pricing

Posted on 2012-Jul-02

by Paul Salvette

Mad Money

Dean Wesley Smith has a very detailed post that provides small presses and independent authors guidance on how to properly price both your print book and eBook. He is consistently a go-to source for anyone in the indie community, and it's great that he continues offering this advice free of charge.

Some key takeaways from Dean Wesley Smith on pBook/eBook pricing:

  1. Provide an honest assessment of how many hours it took to create, edit, and design the book and factor in an hourly wage for yourself
  2. Print editions should be priced at a bit more than twice the eBook edition
  3. Pricing an eBook at less than $2.99 or giving it away for free is foolish

BB eBooks will be adding a Publishing section to our website soon, so that self-publishing authors and small presses can have resources for marketing and selling their products.

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