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Autographing Your eBook

Posted on 2012-Aug-01

by BB eBooks Staff

Book Signing

In the previous blog, we discussed how social media can empower you to increase your brand name and visibility. Yes, its powerful presence has become the essential element in our daily life to constantly update and check posts regularly. We tweet, post, and comment extensively online, leaving our digital footprints everywhere from Facebook to Youtube.

Engraving Service

What if we could also transfer the same idea of connectivity through the eBooks we sell as well? Personalization has been a special tool to impress customers for ages. If you buy Parker pens, you can have them laser-engraved with your name or the name of your gift recipient by the retail store to claim ownership. From the Apple Store, you can “say anything with a free engraving” on the back of your gadgets to distinguish them from millions of other products with a special quotation. At the bookstore, book signing gives you the opportunity to imprint your name on a print book for your fans to follow your work.

eBook Signing

eBooks are no exception. Just because you sell them electronically does not mean you lose such a valued opportunity to impress your readers. eBook signing helps stimulate sales and increase the reader’s awareness of your brand. While still a relatively new concept, there are ways to sign your eBook automatically after the purchase. Autography creates the writer’s autograph on an eBook and sends it to the customer’s eReader device. They can ask for anything they want, everything from anniversary celebrations to mother’s day presents. Kindlegraph offers a different service that enables the writers to wirelessly sign the book. Writers will be notified when a reader requests a kindlegraph inscription service, and the writer can then send a personalized PDF to that reader’s eReading device. BookieJar offers another creative outlet for writers to customize a special page for their fans with a stylus or mouse.

Artistic Creation

Signing autographs for your fans may not be something new. However, wireless creation of your personalized message to your fans can be a new journey for many to begin with. Let the artistic side of you do the marketing campaign after your literary endeavors have been fulfilled. You might even consider organizing a contest on your social media networks where fans can win a limited edition of your novel or receive the preview of your latest project with a special dedication page. Good luck with your marketing campaign.

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