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eBooks Market Growth in Russia, Amazon’s Vending Machines for Kindle Goodies, David Gaughran Debunking Self-Publishing and eBook Myths

Posted on 2014-Jan-10

by BB eBooks Staff

To complement Joe Konrath’s prediction of the future of eBook in 2014, the latest IDC research findings, according to Publishing Perspectives, signify a bright picture how eBook sales gained a significant increase outside of the US. There is also huge room for growth in Russia as Russian readers living in two big cities are embracing digital reading. Looking at the US market, as if Amazon’s temporary shop were not exciting enough for the retail giant, their latest take on selling Kindle eReaders, tablets, and accessories is worth 23 photos to retell the retail appearance. Courtesy of David Gaughran, whose myth-debunking skill is second to none, self-publishing and eBook sales are here to stay yet publishers must be ready to make adjustments.

Hidden Potentials in the Russian eBook Market


Despite the slow eBook sales in the US reported by many sources, authors and publishers should watch the Russian market closely aside from UK, China, and Brazil as the country has competed to be in the third largest eBook market behind China and the US. In fact, sales soared 25% compared to the previous quarter. Sergei Anuriev, CEO of LitRes, said that eBook growth has risen to 200% since 2011 and is expected to keep growing in the next several years. Talking numbers, the eBook market is expected to reach 500 million rubles (US$16.12 million). Interestingly, readers prefer to use their PC and laptop to shop for eBooks rather than mobile devices. J’Son & Partners Consulting predicts that 77% of readers will buy eBooks from mobile devices in 2016. The consulting firm believes that the eBook market has become “the most promising segment of the Russian digital content marketplace.”

Amazon’s Physical Showroom Comeback


Following up the temporary shop establishment of Amazon last month, the vending machine installed at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas perhaps confirms the rumor that Amazon may want to get into the physical shop. Although the concept is not particular novel, a user took every single photo of the screenshots and all Kindle goodies before buying a power adapter with his credit card. The slideshow embodies every single detail you need as if you were standing in front of the machine. For frequent travelers, buying an eReader could be the perfect choice to gift their loved ones apart from liquors, perfumes, or exotic snacks as well as open them to the world of eBooks. There is a minor downside reported by The Digital Reader that comments on the lack of WiFi hotspots on the machine which could facilitate new owners’ setup process. However, Android smartphone owners can share the mobile data connection with “Tethering and Portable Hotspot” as long as there is data signal available wherever they are.

Self-Publishing and eBook Clarification


Right from the beginning of David Gaughran’s blog, the quote from YS Chi, chairman of Elsevier and president of the International Publishers Association (IPA) is featured on top of the blog post to show how several myths about self-publishing and eBook are to be debunked reasonably. The self-publishing bubble burst, predicted two years ago by Ewan Morrison, has become invalid as he postpones the year to 2020. The flattened eBook market reiterates the growth as analyzed by Eoin Purcell and Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader. eBook’s high production cost set by publishers is explained by the expensive print costs. While eBooks have fixed costs to be invested, print retains ongoing costs that the publisher is held accountable if poor sales occur. Of all his points in the blog, the ones mentioned are simply exemplified to set the record straight regarding self-publishing and eBook sales.

eBook growth outside the US will probably be the hot trend to watch for in 2014 as readers start to embrace digital reading more favorably. With the vast developing markest in China, Brazil, and India reporting growth, authors have their work out for them to offer the content that local readers can enjoy and buy. It seems online eBook sales competition has spread to physical ground as vending machines become the one stop shop for smart devices. Although online shopping is extremely convenient, DIY purchase and receipt of products is such a unique experience that evokes one user to capture the photos of his experience. Myths discrediting eBooks buzz like flies as the rise of self-publishing eBook eats into the traditional way of selling and distributing thanks to the tight-knit community that shares valued information and insights where the future is heading.

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