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Pin Your Book Interests among Other Social Media Alternatives

Posted on 2013-Mar-27

by BB eBooks Staff

Reigniting Pinterest

Having tested Pinterest last month, I have to admit that I switch back to Twitter and Facebook from time to time. Although I did catch a brief glimpse of what the graphic-laden website is offering, I felt intimidated by the level of professionalism Pinterest users have shared among themselves. All the photogenic pictures and appealing scenery left me uncertain to imitate or equate the original artworks artists’ expression. Somehow, the email notification constantly kept reminding me of the new followers. That was when I found my way back to Pinterest and enjoyed a jolly good time exploring and expanding my boards, pins, and likes.

Twitter’s Limitation


For Twitter, the first thing for a beginner user is to unearth the user’s database with different keywords. Say, you want to connect with fellow writers, you must search for the term and filter who you want to connect with. Sometimes, it is not easy when the search results vertically cram your monitor with different description. To understand more about their description and decide whether you are dealing with a human rather than a bot, all you can do is read through a slush pile of tweets. If you are lucky, you can see their pictures. Before you click ‘follow’, you might have a bleary eye searching for the right kind of person to virtually hang out with or read their updates. Nevertheless, sharing is simply easy via retweet.

Facebook’s Friendly Visibility


Facebook offers a unified sharing experience for anybody who knows how to use a mouse and keyboard. To post your thoughts more effectively, you can add embedded links, photos, and videos. The threaded conversation style makes it easy to monitor the popularity of your post and connect with your reader real quick. Added elements appear in thumbnail mode being seamed into the writer’s section. Sharing option is not so convenient on Mark Zuckerberg’s-created social network. It seems like everybody is either a friend of friends and the “like” button is there to be visible by all.

Google Plus’ Enhancing Connectivity


Newly revamped Google+ takes on social media with a nerdy perspective of adding a unique video conferencing feature for its users. To lessen the confusion of text-centric perplexity, Google makes great use of photo and icons for a friendlier graphical user interface. Although the threaded comment format and +1 are quite similar to Facebook, the share option sets it apart from the most popular competitor.

Pinterest’s Visual Seamlessness


Based on the information previously mentioned, you might wonder why you might need an extra virtual space to share and connect with other people. There comes a moment for Pinterest to offer a unique experience; that is, images. Please take your time exploring stunningly visual facts about Pinterest here and see how you can spend longer at Pinterest than at other social media websites. The average time spent on Pinterest is 15.8 minutes and the majority of the users (68.2%) are women.

Although social media is good for product advertisement, I’d like to particularly draw your attention to Pinterest as it wass tipped as “hot social media site du jour” by Forbes. Like other social media providers, basic rules still apply when it comes to developing a human heart to update your content and calm down the aggressive sales approach. You can apply the same strategy to your book promotion. Rachelle Gardner wrote 13 Things Writers Should Know and analyze each advantage to maximize author’s sales strategy. Although you might have heard certain stats many times before, there are still lessons you can learn to pin your interest more effectively especially when you are authors.

Think of Pinterest as a scrapbook you can cut and paste your inspiration and information related to your writing projects. You can collect visual data and use them for your own good and establish your identity as well. Unlike your physical personal scrapbook that you keep it to yourself, whatever you pin your interests can be shared with the rest of the world. These interests can be pinned or repinned by your followers when you log into the account with Facebook or Twitter. If you have a solid database of friends on those sites, you will not have to start from scratch. I found many good friends to follow and share great marketing tips, artworks, and arresting quotes. So far, my number of followers is pretty limited but the artistic side of me has already indulged in picturesque nature and inspirational artwork.


Improving Social Media Skills with Traceable Links


Social media websites are unarguably powerful tools to communicate your identity with your potential audience and bridge your path to meet like-minded individuals. Each website has their own unique features to attract new and existing users. For book promotion, Pinterest holds it dear to their heart that images come first and they are proven to be the popular choice for many. To succeed in book promotion requires that you stay true to who you are and keep improving the social skill by linking your readers to your landing pages (i.e. author page, official website, and social media pages). Once discovered, you are likely to enjoy the prize of visibility.

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