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BB Client Launched

Posted on 2014-Jun-12

by Paul Salvette


In our latest endeavor to improve customer service and efficiency, we are proud to announce the launch of BB Client, an exclusive and secure website specifically designed for the clients of BB eBooks. Many clients have 8, 10, and even a dozen editions of the same book designed to be published at different vendors and in different formats. Since authors and small presses are incredibly busy in the modern world of publishing, we wanted to have a way to help keep your business with us as organized and efficient as possible. Doing business with BB eBooks should be like the flower shop scene in The Room (hi doggy!)—fast and simple.

Prior to BB Client we were sending eBook files via email and Dropbox. Email can be challenging to keep organized and there are some security concerns with Dropbox, so we wanted to take a different approach. BB Client facilitates the following:

  • Secure access all editions of all your eBooks
  • View running log of changes/revisions made
  • Request quotes for new projects
  • Request rework for existing projects
  • Pay outstanding invoices through PayPal

All clients will be given a free account for new projects and upon request. You can access BB Client by clicking in the menu of our public website or by going to To learn more about it, we have video tutorial that we hope will be helpful. If you are an existing client who would like an account, please feel free to contact Paul. Thanks for your time!

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