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The BB Design Pad is an HTML editor dedicated to eBook development. It has numerous features that make the mundane task of encoding your eBook simple, fast, and efficient. Please have a look at the documentation if you have any questions. Also, please contact us if you would like to see some features not currently present. To get started copy and paste the text of your eBook into the textarea below. When you are done, simply copy the HTML markup and content from the textarea and insert it into the text editor of your choice.

Control Panel

Block Element Markup:Question Mark

Hotkey: alt+1

In-Line Element Markup:Question Mark

Hotkey: alt+2

Self-Closing Element Markup:Question Mark

Hotkey: alt+3

Add Attributes:Question Mark

Custom Classes:




Add Custom Classes to Control Panel:Question Mark

Class Name:

Stripping Operations:Question Mark

Hotkey: alt+4

Add Image Markup:Question Mark

Hotkey: alt+5


width (in px):

height (in px):


Entity Operations:Question Mark

Whitespace Ops:Question Mark

HTML Bulk Operations:Question Mark

HTML Title:

CSS File Path:

HTML Special Operations:Question Mark

Tag to Wrap with <div>:

Class for iPad Fix:

Class for Footnotes:

Design Panel - HTML

Settings Panel

Go to Next Line When Wrapping Block Element Tags: Yes No

Panel Height:px

Font Size:px

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