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Joe Konrath Comes Out and WTRAFSOG Facebook Page

Posted on 2014-Mar-12

by BB eBooks Staff

Mysterious Identity


Who would have thought a prolific author of Mysteries/Thrillers genre and a respectable self-publishing guru would come out as a lovely pen name named... (continue reading to find out what his pen name is). Apart from coming out as an author collaborating with professional colleagues in a genre not usually associated with his brand and sharing what his new writing experience has been like, there is a Facebook page you should have liked by now especially when you are writing erotica eBooks.



When Melinda DuChamp guest blogs on Joe Konrath’s website revealing the progress of what the Facebook page, What to Read after Fifty Shades of Grey (WTRAFSOG), has made, Summer Daniels subsequently shares her successful tips how she has devoted her time to recommending great reads and building up a fan base. It was purely a labor of love for Summer to invest 4-6 hours developing content for the page while juggling between living the real life and accomplishing writing goals. Melanie, on the one hand, is busy working on her Fifty Shades spin-off series. She has collaborated with three other authors on the stories that feature the naughty themes to please the readers. Apart from the erotic sensation, readers will also get to “giggle” as they delve deeper into the story. Coming back to WTRAFSOG’s progress, it has allowed fans to discover several erotica authors’ books; so far 81,228 likes have been officially declared.

Coming Out


Towards the end of the conversation, Joe decides to come out as Melinda recalling the fun experience writing one of his novels. There are three things he mentions why he writes under a pseudonym after witnessing 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon: write fun stories for smart people to laugh, prove that his writing sells rather than his commonly known brand, and diversify a source of revenue. Joe/Melinda may consider opening DuChamp for co-working to other interested authors in the future.

Summer Treasure


Summer is given credits for what she has contributed her time and effort to promoting books to erotica fans, plus her smartphone app might revolutionize the way subscribers are informed of their favorite book now merely delivered into the inbox. The app is currently available on both iTunes and Android. Not only fans have enjoyed discovering new authors and their published works, a lot of indie authors praise her approach to provide the service for free for a long time on the Facebook page. In Shandra Miller’s testimonial, I quote: “Summer is an absolute treasure for those writing in the erotica genre.” The smartphone app is an extension to the Facebook page has offered taking erotica book promotion to the next level by shouting out Free eBook of the Day, Hot new Releases, Pre-Orders, etc.

Passion Burns


It is a breath of fresh air not only to see a prolific author of one popular genre crossing over to another equally fan-favorite genre, but also explore the new approach in book promotion put forward by an erotica author. While WTRAFSOG might attempt to replicate the success of what other book promotion websites have done so well, their selection criteria has proven to authors and fans alike on Facebook that erotica genre needs not be downplayed, censored, or chastised by retailers. Instead, readers and admirers have cast their vote what they are passionate about in reading and how they are willing to pay their favorite authors back. Perhaps, this is just the tip of an iceberg what the genre has evolved given the mega success H. M. Ward’s indie-published titles have stirred best sellers lists and debunked a lot of BS about the stigma indie authors are told to accept.

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